Called To Serve In Orlando, Florida.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Week #16 - Lizard Ears


Wow, its been a crazy week I have some cool pictures to prove it! but I wont be recording this week, we have plans to head out so I just wasn't feeling it, my voice sounds way weird on it anyways! but hey I freaking love you guys!!! and the pictures I have been getting make me so happy, and everyone needs to stop getting married geez!!!!

but this week the pictures will probably talk for themselves but we had tug of war with all the youth and did a service project and got 3 people on date for baptism!!!! we plan on getting 3 more this week so we are pretty pumped, the work of the lord is hastening haha but my comp got glasses, and we are super super pumped for general conference coming up!! I hope you guys all watch it, its going to be fantastic

Oh and the church is buying the whole front page of Youtube for Easter Sunday and will have a video and stuff connecting people to! So I need all of you to share it, #becausehelives and share the link on Youtube or the website at We need to bless the world with the gospel!! while I'm out on a mission, do your missions back home!

Love you guys so much and please send email, letters, pictures whatever and I will for sure talk to you back, because it means the world to me when you take some time out of your day!! :)

So here are some pictures of me with some lizards on my ears,
I had to let them bite me for that! its the trend down here haha;)

 Then we chopped down like a mini forest this week with
machetes and axes it got pretty rugid it was sweet :P 
 This disgusting giant bug oh and we have spiders 
everywhere by our house it sucks!!! 

I did toggle war with the youth and they drag me for a while haha play through them and you can see the progression :)
but it was my shoes fault they are too slick

Monday, March 23, 2015


Heyyyyy Everybody,

This weeks been pretty crazy but pretty dope :) the main thing is we saw miracles and gained investigators from our work. Freak i even yell at people while we're driving and teach them while we drive or are parked and hand them stuff with a gopher extender arm haha. We did a training in zone conference and it was so bomb everyone loved it, we did a planning for some investigators and made it Star Wars themed. So the investigators were Luke and Leia and the ward members were like yoda, windu, kinobi we did a lot if was funny, I will try to send a rough draft of it :)

We got new iPads at this meeting and new cases. We had a dinner with brother Tormes he comes and teaches with us all the time he's is the best. Haha we told him he was like a dad to us and he cried it was a good moment haha.

We were tracking and came across some guys so we started talking to them and a old cracked out looking man came over and gave one of the guys we were talking to and said, "don't talk to them, I got you" gave him a monopoly get out of jail free card then laughed and did this little dance it was hilarious :) hahaha

Well I'll probably say a lot more in the recording if you want to listen to it haha love you guys! :) 

Keep sending me pictures!!!!!

My comp went the eye doctor and got these sweet shades 
 Sandhill Cranes are everywhere out here they are sick

The guys when we played soccer
 The art of this haircutting place by our house its so dope, they call it the style factory.

Monday, March 16, 2015


Elder Godinet recorded some audio for you guys this week! 
It's good to hear his voice, isn't it?
Here are some pics they are pretty great. 
Some from Tijuana flats, an ugly car, and some sweet bikes :) Love you guys :)

Monday, March 9, 2015


Hey everybody!!!!

Wow this has been a crazy week, and kind of a frustrating day. I have been trying to email all day and it just hasn't worked for me and I was kind of worried I wouldn't be able to get on. I freaking love emailing you guys and seeing your emails and your faces when you send me pics, it makes me so happy :) 

Well anyway what to start with this week. :) Down here there are TONS of cops everywhere like seriously they are everywhere and they are all sheriffs. I don't know how that works but it's whatever haha for real though this week we saw like 5 drug busts on the street, haha they happen all the time. We were even at an investigator and I watched a black car drop off a black case in the street and a huge tatted prison looking guy walked out and grabbed it and just went inside haha. It's bike week down here so there are a ton of cool bikes everywhere, and it's spring break coming up soon, so down near Daytona Beach the beaches are packed
This week we also met a guy and he was super high when we were talking to him and he thought we were the cops because his friend got shot in the face this week and it's been on the news. Oh ha and police helicopters are always flying around with there spotlights down here. So here's the best part of this week. 

We were helping the sisters move and after we finished I sat by the door on a chair and this big pit bull came and stood by the door so I was like aw cute a dog and put my arm down and it jumped up and latched onto my arm and bit it!!! We were freaking out and I grabbed it and chucked it to the ground and we all ran out of the house! I was bleeding everywhere but I was pretty upset I mean this thing betrayed me! So I grabbed a frying pan and found it and smacked it way hard and it bent the pan. Then I was going to hit it again but it climbed up a railing and glared me in the eyes, that's when it became war. You're probably thinking how does a dog climb? It wasn't a dog haha I got attacked by a vicious squirrel bahahaha same story just with a squirrel. ;) We were worried i would have to get a shot though :) 
Well I love you guys I'll write more next week I just don't want to give you too much to read. Send me pics, emails, and addresses love you guys :):)
Elder Godinet

Selfies with our district and some at the zone.
The pan I used to fight off my vicious attacker, & the battle wounds.

 Also our sisters brought us gifts because they go home this week 
(Sister Marsh & Gonzalez)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Week #12 - Car Wash & A BOM Costume

Hey My Lovelies :)

How is everything back home? Everyone all good? :) because I sure do miss you guys, it's unreal how bad. That's easily the hardest thing about being out here, but hearing from you eases it a little. Down here it is starting to get really warm and humid. I keep getting told that the summers here are brutal, like straight sweating buckets. 

Today was a crazy busy week, we had meetings all week long but I went on exchanges for the first time where I had to lead the area. It was super fun and I had to rely on my Spanish because he's an English elder so I gained a lot of confidence through that. How's that weather down in Utah? Utah is literally so sick, you don't realize that til you're gone, Utah has wayyyyyy more stuff to do than down here.

Well I really don't have much to say this week except for letters are coming and keep reading your scriptures and praying it's extremely important and I'll kinda be on here til almost 4 o clock so email me and I'll reply :)

Oh we had a car wash this week and also we have a giant Book of Mormon costume hahaha

Love you guys,
Elder Godinet

Daytona Beach, Florida on a cloudy day 

Elder Black, I had a companion exchange with him, & he's a peculiar kid & always does the brow raise, so I did it with him ;) Also, they call me Elder Jacob because apparently I look like Jacob from Twilight. Love you guys, enjoy :) Oh & I get teased a lot down here about acting & modeling, it makes me feel like I'm at home :D