Called To Serve In Orlando, Florida.

Monday, December 5, 2016


I would love to see anyone and everyone that would like to be there when I arrive at the airport.
Here's my schedule and last thoughts. 
Well, the time has come. I can't believe it is here. I'm pretty much an RM now and I feel like an old man but really I'm still so young haha So today is the first day this has hit me, I woke up at 6:16 and just sat in bed thinking wow, I will be home two days from now. I don't even know what to write right now, I am pretty lost for words. 

This mission has been the greatest time of my life. I already know that I will owe all my future success to this mission and the person I have become. I have gained power, confidence, and wisdom in all things. I have come to realize who I am and what I can do, and I have gained that same knowledge of other people. I have been able to help hundreds to thousands of people out here with the message we share and through missionary experiences and personal experiences of my own I have an absolute knowledge that their is a higher power, and I have come to have faith and believe that that higher power is God. Elohim and his son is Jesus Christ. It seems like when you can come to know that knowledge you can come to achieve anything! Even in the small things, especially the ones I was weak at: I have become great at public speaking, I can speak Spanish, I know the scriptures probably better than the back of my hand (completely serious), I can whistle ;), I can solve a Rubix cube, I helped a lady understand all of her bachelors homework for psychology and sociology and she got As and Bs on those assignments, I know how to study and be organized, I know where north south east and west are now ;), I can teach the gospel with power and authority, I  have increased who I am as a person and am closer to Christ now than I have ever been, I KNOW my savior so much that I believe I could truly answer people questions for him, I have learned so much about the power that is as individuals have. 

From all of the little things and up to the bigs things, we are GREAT. Remember who you are, because when you remember that, no body has power to divert your course. No body can stop you from success and becoming who you were meant to be. When we learn to rely on God, we learn to have all power because that's what he has. We learn that if it is his will and we have the desire and diligence to achieve it we will accomplish and conquer. The scriptures say we can move mountains, and why? Obviously before such a thing happens it must be Gods will but what allows us to move that mountain is not only the priesthood power but that mountain or any element will obey us because it will know WHO WE ARE. We are children of an almighty God and heirs to his kingdom heirs to his personage. 

I love you guys and I'm excited to come home. I'm excited to leave but I love this mission and I love the people I have been able to meet, all the wonderful missionaries and my amazing companions. Elders and Sisters do work and always remember who's got your back, it's not just a nice thought, it's reality in the fullest. I'm excited to become a true "full life time missionary" my missions not over. :) it started in the pre existence when I chose to come down to earth and follow Heavenly Father and it will never end. After the eternities Moses 1:38 will be one of my verses to my children ;) See you guys soon....literally #2Days cray haha 

P.s. Don't hesitate going on a mission, you will make the biggest regret of your life not going. I can promise you that with ALL of my being. Nothing else will mean more to a faithful disciple of Christ than a mission. 

P.s.s missionaries add me to your emails lists