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Monday, March 30, 2015

Week #16 - Lizard Ears


Wow, its been a crazy week I have some cool pictures to prove it! but I wont be recording this week, we have plans to head out so I just wasn't feeling it, my voice sounds way weird on it anyways! but hey I freaking love you guys!!! and the pictures I have been getting make me so happy, and everyone needs to stop getting married geez!!!!

but this week the pictures will probably talk for themselves but we had tug of war with all the youth and did a service project and got 3 people on date for baptism!!!! we plan on getting 3 more this week so we are pretty pumped, the work of the lord is hastening haha but my comp got glasses, and we are super super pumped for general conference coming up!! I hope you guys all watch it, its going to be fantastic

Oh and the church is buying the whole front page of Youtube for Easter Sunday and will have a video and stuff connecting people to! So I need all of you to share it, #becausehelives and share the link on Youtube or the website at We need to bless the world with the gospel!! while I'm out on a mission, do your missions back home!

Love you guys so much and please send email, letters, pictures whatever and I will for sure talk to you back, because it means the world to me when you take some time out of your day!! :)

So here are some pictures of me with some lizards on my ears,
I had to let them bite me for that! its the trend down here haha;)

 Then we chopped down like a mini forest this week with
machetes and axes it got pretty rugid it was sweet :P 
 This disgusting giant bug oh and we have spiders 
everywhere by our house it sucks!!! 

I did toggle war with the youth and they drag me for a while haha play through them and you can see the progression :)
but it was my shoes fault they are too slick

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