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Monday, April 27, 2015

Week #20 - Meet Elder Lindsay :)

So hey everybody this week has definitely been a different one haha. Its adjusting time out here, we had transfers and i guess its time to adjust to my new comp. I miss elder sherwin a lot but it is still so good out here. My spanish has increased so so so so much! I can speak like fluent right now i don't even really have to think about it that much i'm becoming a true hispanic haha I got my glasses today and wow they are so sick, i have one picture of me wearing them next to a 7 patty burger i ate today haha DANG!

Man i love you guys, i am so sorry i have not been writing everyone back as fast as i would like but i love you guys so much and i will write back!!! Hows everyone doing? i hope you know i pray for you everyday out here and just pray fro your well being and that you guys are as happy as possible. Please make good choices, i see to many people out here make dumb and irrational choice because its "fun" or every is doing it. DON'T BE FREAKING STUPID!! I don't care what it is its not worth it. I know without a shadow of a doubt in my heart that this is the true church and when we TRULY desire to become like christ we can change ourselves to whatever we want to long as its on the path of the Lord and thats the path you will be happier on. Before you do something ask yourself, "is it worth eternity" 

P.S i bashed with a Jehovahs witness in spanish yesterday hahahah she was so shocked it was great. Oh and just truly think when you pick a religion because there's only one true church and that's the LDS church ;)

Love you guys!!!

A big storm!!!

Saying goodbye to Sherwin
A member had his shirt on backwards yesterday
The monster burger!!!!! 
Wow, it clogged my arteries but hey I can say I did it now bahaha 

My new glasses and the burger

Monday, April 20, 2015

Week #19 - Saying Goodbye To Sherwin

Hey everybody crazy crazy week!!!!

We are going to transfers this week, yep my comp is leaving this area, so i am so sad haha he's way tight and were like brothers and he's gonna be somewhere new for his last two transfers. this is my first transfer so i'm tripping out haha but hey i'm getting glasses so that will be sweet, they are pretty stylish is if i do say so myself! 

We've been jamming all day today haha its been so nice, we practically have a soon to be celebrity in our branch, he is so good at anything musical! We are trying to get those people on date for baptism but we had to move their dates back because they were ready or their parents said they couldn't get baptized (thats a big problem for youth out here) but its understandable. Right now though, we have a family of 7 and 5 getting ready for baptism and it will be so sick if they stay committed! 

Um so I will be leading this area so i hope that my spanish is up to par, i think it will be, i mean we can do anything with the lord am i right!! plus i have confidence that i can do it.

Hey i love you guys so much and thank you for everything and i cant wait to hear from you!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Week #18 - 5 People on date for baptism!

Wow, I love you guys so much!!! It's been a good week!

We have five people on date for baptism, one for the 26th of this month and 4 for May 3rd its sweeeeet! Transfers are coming up this week so sherwin and I are flipping out! We don't know what's gonna happen but it's bound to be one of us leaving this time because I am ending training and it's kinda sad because me and him are tight. So he's kinda hitting the wall of the mish haha he only has like 3 months left so that's gotta be brutal! But man we did a lot of service this week it was cool, when we didn't have appointments we kinda prayed to Heavenly Father that we didn't want to just do something to kill time til our next appointment. So the lord answered our prayers like always and the first houses we went to both days this happened we helped people with service and talked to them it was amazing especially because one of them he sister missionaries met with them right before we went over and they said they would listen to them when we sent them back. 

Well if you guys have any questions for me or some stories to share with me I would LOVE to hear them. I've loved hearing from you thus far and all the pictures you guys send me, keep em comin!!! 

Love you,
Elder Godinet

So, I don't know if I sent these already but they are sweet! 
My comp & the Ward Mission Leader.
 My eyes look crosseyed but it is just the way the camera looks haha but zoom in on my pupils i had to get them dilated for an eye test haha.
Me just doing me haha

Monday, April 6, 2015

Week #17 - General Conference

Guyssssss, wow it has been a pretty good and amazing week, I have some good pics!!

Well first off we have four people on date for baptism and plan on having ten baptisms in the next two months! we have the faith we can do it and we know that's what the Lord wants from us!

Conference was so dope but it was weird there aren't many members here and i didn't get to sit like a fatty on my couch, pig out, and watch conference like you guys!!! but i know how important it is that we stay close to the lord because the end of days will come and i can promise anyone that this is the true church and that we cant hide anything from the Lord!

Today is PDAY and i'm going to be on all day so email me your pics!!!! 

But anyways we went to the beach today and we have been having a blast it is literally so fun out here. I cant wait to be able to come home with a MISSION FOR THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS under my belt! the future looks bright.

Love you guys :)

We had a Sister Missionary come back and visit us, she is the best person ever!
Her name is Sister Nelson.
Went on exchanges with Elder Remund. He is brand new so I practically started training already, it was sweet! 
We set up a little golfing range in our house &
we are getting dang good at chipping! :)
We went to the beach today & played 
volleyball & soccer 
There were jellyfish all over the beach!  
 We got some dope pics haha its been a fantastic day!!