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Monday, April 13, 2015

Week #18 - 5 People on date for baptism!

Wow, I love you guys so much!!! It's been a good week!

We have five people on date for baptism, one for the 26th of this month and 4 for May 3rd its sweeeeet! Transfers are coming up this week so sherwin and I are flipping out! We don't know what's gonna happen but it's bound to be one of us leaving this time because I am ending training and it's kinda sad because me and him are tight. So he's kinda hitting the wall of the mish haha he only has like 3 months left so that's gotta be brutal! But man we did a lot of service this week it was cool, when we didn't have appointments we kinda prayed to Heavenly Father that we didn't want to just do something to kill time til our next appointment. So the lord answered our prayers like always and the first houses we went to both days this happened we helped people with service and talked to them it was amazing especially because one of them he sister missionaries met with them right before we went over and they said they would listen to them when we sent them back. 

Well if you guys have any questions for me or some stories to share with me I would LOVE to hear them. I've loved hearing from you thus far and all the pictures you guys send me, keep em comin!!! 

Love you,
Elder Godinet

So, I don't know if I sent these already but they are sweet! 
My comp & the Ward Mission Leader.
 My eyes look crosseyed but it is just the way the camera looks haha but zoom in on my pupils i had to get them dilated for an eye test haha.
Me just doing me haha

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