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Monday, August 22, 2016

Week #89 - Maybe I'll become a trainer?

Hey everybody!! I love you guys soooooo much!

We had a super fantastic week this week. We were able to teach a ton and got two more people on date for baptism for the 1st/2nd week of October. We were able to meet with Ethan this week and he's set for baptism for this weekend and our investigator Chris came to church this week and announced in priesthood he will be baptized September 10th haha it was pretty awesome. Then, we got another lady on date that we will be visiting with this week, I don't know if I talked about her last week but her names Rosa and she is for September 3rd. It's pretty exciting all the great stuff going on this week. Besides all of those amazing miracles I also learned how to solve a Rubik's cube haha

Guys the closer and closer I get to finishing it gets more real to me how hard it's going to be to leave. I'm really gonna need plans for every day so I can stay productive haha I don't care what they are but it's has to keep me busy. So if anyone wants to shoots me some plans we can slowly start scheduling haha I need to do a lot, just remember the first day I need to sleep a lot hahaha

Oh, super Random but pray for CB, we got his baptismal paper signed after two years of waiting but now we just need to reassure him this is what he wants to do. 

Anyway I be like you guys and we are meeting with a general authority this week and I might become a trainer next transfer but we will see haha that would definitely be the most important position I've had in the mission so it would be cool but we will see. If not I will have been a ZL for like 18 months bahah

Well, love you :)

Temple Tour with an awesome kid named Alejandro
Went to breakfast with practically my family from Deltona this week haha I love them, Alex Reyes & Carla Ortega. The funny thing is the pancake picture, we ordered chocolate chip pancakes & Alex says, "Dang man they're so stingy on the chocolate chips!" haha he didn't realize that was just decoration.

Elder Jensen lost, what are the odds? He had to wear these socks all day today
Exchanges with Elder Toronto 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Week #88 - Don't Lie :)

So this week has been awesome and just pumpkin miracles out the seems haha

This week we were able to teach a lot of people and find a lot as well, but what was truly awesome is we got two more people on date and they are super solid for their dates. So we have a baptism on the 27th of August and September 10th, as well our Indian friend came to church but I don't know if he will make his date for the 27th of August. Then I don't know if I wrote about this but Theresa had to move on the day of her interview so now we are waiting til she moves back to baptize her bahah

Ttwo more awesome miracles, we are teaching a lady named Cecilia and once she gets her new promotion. Which should be taking place this month she will be baptized in September and then we just got permission to get the baptismal papers signed for a dope kid named Christian who's been waiting to get baptized in forever, so we can baptize him at any time. So pray all of these come to pass and that we can continue to find and bless more people on their journey to happiness :)

We had a super funny experience this week. So we are teaching this young girl named Alex and we went over to teach her cousin who is a recent convert and she was there with her friend Linda. So we told them we would love to teach them after we we finished teaching Trey (her recent convert cousin) and Silvio (His non member friend). So we taught Trey and Silvio and then came back and they were still there waiting for us to teach them. So we started teaching them and Linda is pretty attractive so that was fun and interesting hahah but we went through they listened and Alex kept giggling the whole time. Then asked if Linda wanted to pray and she said yes super quick, so I went over to her and helped her pray and then they left us. We got a return appointment and Linda wasn't there so we were confused and apparently she doesn't believe in God (and she told us she did and was Christian) and we found out that after our lesson she like cried because of how awkward she felt ahaha so I guess that's why you don't lie :)

Elder Acevedo & I splittin' up :'(
Elder Lefholtz & Elder Langston as they depart from the mission

My favorite boys from Deltona 
My companion falls asleep all the time in his prayers

Monday, August 8, 2016

Week #87 - Meet Elder Jensen :)

Heyyyy Family :)

Well I got my new comp and he's awesome! His name is Elder Jensen and he actually knew me back home from soccer and he knew Leo. He is a beast at soccer!! Super good ball control and passing. We got to play a little today. Well guys I don't know what to say today, it's gonna be a pretty short email but my pictures will explain a lot. Well also this has been the weirdest transfer haha we've literally passed off 50+ people in the last month and 3 people we've had on solid dates have moved, it's been kinda sucky but I know they will be blessed wherever they are #sameteam. 

Well I love you all and pray for my mom :) 

Tyson Stiggins came for a visit 
Saw my favorite boys from Deltona!!!! 
Initiation for Elder Jensen involved a lizard :) Shout out to my trainer
Funny pictures of Elder Jensen and I 

Teresa just moved but she will be baptized soon
Interview with Jackie for her baptism, so spiritual

Monday, August 1, 2016

Week #86 - Give the church your time!

So I can't believe it's already been a transfer since I've been in Windermere, transfers become so precious when you are getting close to the end of your mission... Well, my companion is getting transferred! We were both pretty bummed but it's gonna be alright haha :) So some awesome things have happened this week, we had to finally transfer Chris to his new area and we were super super sad about that, we taught and helped him move then at the end in his pray he said, "If it wasn't for these guys I wouldn't be coming back to church, please bless them because they are angels" man I almost cried like 3 times in that prayer haha he has changed so much and is way dedicated, he wants to go to institute, get baptized, and get married in the temple, like he is super pumped. As well, Theresa will be baptized soon and we are excited for that haha she is super awesome and ready, we went into her house and took all of her coffee and tea out and threw it away, then there was a half full thing of vodka that was her nephews and we just grabbed it and chucked it bahaha he's gonna hate us but whatever. Now we are waiting on like 4 people to get baptized so while we are waiting for them we need to FIND! :) pray for them though: 
Cecilia Mufalo, Cristian Bernadin, Vicky Victor, Todd Carson. 

Guys I had a member that knows the Fuchs family so he looked them up on Facebook, so while he found Leo's page I browsed and saw myself at prom junior year and man have I gotten pale and chubby or what?!?! Freak! I was pretty shocked haha so I am committed to run everyday and workout with my weights...this is not acceptable! 

Anyways, some food for thought real quick. If you ever catch yourself saying, "I need to read my scriptures or pray or go to church" and then catch yourself saying, "I don't have time" if you do then imagine me wringing your neck and shaking you back and forth because I HATE THAT, and it's a LIE. Here's some examples from each case:

Scriptures study for 1 hour everyday/week and you sleep a good 8 hours plus work an 8-5 job, it would still only take up 14% of your time in a given week, but luckily a lot don't use that much of their time so it would really be under 10% of your time for anyone and that's really for an hour!! Just read for like 15 minutes and that's enough! 

Then church only takes up about 5% or less of your time. So go to church, and here's the real quicker for you who don't pray, if you prayed 5 times a day for 1-2 minutes each prayer it would only take up about 1-2% of your time, so pray. Stop being lazy and do the things you know you're suppose to be doing, he really never asks for more than just our time and attention and at that he only asks for so little, let's be grateful and take advantage of the blessings he has given us. 

Love you guys :)