Called To Serve In Orlando, Florida.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Week #3 - Christmas in Mexico

Hey Guys!

Aw it is so good to talk it it the only way to connect with the outside and it is awesome, whats everyone up to down here has been way chill all of us get along super well now and crazy things go down here haha. We have tie trades every week and like hundreds of elders go to a house and bring all their ties, its like a swap meet. We pulled a bunch of house pranks so far and made our own playing cards its pretty dope not gonna lie ;) I’m gonna send pictures today for sure, but let me know how it is back home :)

La iglesia es verdadero y estoy feliz aqui. Yo se que jesucristo es el salvador y que nosotros puedo recibir revelaccion para el espiritu santo. Les amo!!

[Translation] The church is true & I'm happy here. I know that Jesus Christ is the son of God & that we can get revelation from the Holy Spirit. I love you!

Last night I cut a kids hair and I might become the barber for all the Elders because I did a really good job, like it looks dope and everyone is asking me to do their hair ;P

My First Package!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Week #2 - YOOOOO!!!!!!

So first off, Mexico is soooo beautiful, so I will try to get pictures and send them.  I lost my camera so that's a bummer haha! But I LOVE it out here… it is amazing.  I mean you really get fo ) cused on the Lord but the best part is that you get to talk to people, like really talk to people without worldly distractions and technology, it’s a contact high for sure ;) 

I don't really like my companion anymore he tries to follow people and change who he is for them, also he tries to insult me all the time and he is a compulsive liar… haha…he said he didn't even want to be here so it’s like me doing all the work. But besides him, I couldn't be happier this place is beautiful, everyone is so nice and we all talk A TON, plus I'm learning a lot about myself and how much I truly love the gospel and how amazing it is. 

Spanish though...It’s a straight pain in my butt, like I'm learning really really fast but it is definitely hard but it makes me happy when I can speak better and my progression is moving fast but I def need practice. 

I want to hear from everyone though! Email me whatever this is the only thing I have from back home :) I’ll send pictures soon and if there is anyone that wants to email me or receive my email send me their emails and I’ll add them to the list! And you know if someone wants to send me a camera that's chill too.  And…if you guys wants to know anything email me some questions :)

Elder Godinet

P.S.  Also you guys wouldn't believe how long the days feel here, like it feels like I've been here a month I can’t even explain it, like I thought I did a ton at home but literally I didn't do anything compared to what I do here, like your days are sooooooooooo long.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Week #1 - That Mexico Life

Hey guys I’m here and I’m ok.  It is really beautiful down here and I want you guys to know I really love and miss you already. This has gotta be short but I lost my camera so today has been a little rough it might have been stolen. My p-day is Tuesday and I’ll be able to write from 9-5…but the earlier the better… that’s probably when I’ll write. 

Also any packages anyone wants to send me may use this website:
Love Elder Godinet

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I'm heading on a mission! :)

If you didn't know, I got called to the Orlando, Florida Mission, Spanish speaking.
I leave on December 17th, 2014

My Farewell will be on December 14th at 11 A.M. at the church on 200 North Center Street. We'll have refreshments right after Sacrament at 288 E 2700 around 12:30.

I would love to see anyone & everyone there! So please if I know you or not I would love to see you/maybe even meet you! :) I mean it is the last time you'll see me in 2 years ;) 
My farewell lunch at the Clegg's house.