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Monday, May 25, 2015

Week #24 - A lizard pierced my nose?

Hey everybody!

This weeks been really awesome, nothing to exciting but the prayers were answered and we got 6 new investigators!! It's pretty sweet, but this week I've been super trunks missing all of you haha so that means I need more pictures!!!! I'm so pumped for all of you going on missions haha and those who are eagerly waiting and doing the things to prepare I promise you will never regret it. The mission prepares you for life in every way haha 
I wanted to share something really cool I was reading and it's from the book as a man thinketh by James Allen but I actually read it in the miracle of forgiveness by president kimball and wow it was amazing to read. And it has a lot of quotes I liked but I will share this one. "Circumstance does not make the man; it reveals him to himself" it pretty much talks about the effects that thoughts have on who you are. Like specifically in this quote it's talking about how there is nothing you do in life that before didn't have a thought or a seed planted within yourself. And your thoughts truly determine what you become and it depends on if you nourish the bad seeds or the good seeds. It is truly makes you think, you can be and go wherever you want by your thoughts and they will guide you there.

I'll send more stuff later but we are in a hurry haha but I love you guys send me more pictures and whatever :)

Elder Godinet

Ps this is pretty much the same message in alma 32 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week #23 - First baptism in spanish

I just realized i wasn't sending my emails to everyone. So i am so sorry if you have been wanting to read and haven't seen them, i wont leave you out again! Also if there is anyone that doesn't want to get my emails anymore just let me know that as well, i wont be offended :) But If some of you didn't get your letters or want one send me your addresses and i will make sure to write you :) Ive been doing pretty good at writing so don't be surprised when you get one ;)

Well anyways this week has been pretty different because I HAD MY FIRST BAPTISM where i actually did the ordinance haha it was so awesome. It was in spanish too so i was freaking out, but it is so cool how the gospel changes people and just makes them so much happier! Now we need some more people to teach so pray for that :) 

Also i biked for the first time this week and it was actually really fun, we did it on exchanges and it was nice but man do you sweat A LOT!! Then we had some service and i let a lizard bite my nose and the spot where he bit was a tear jerker haha it was hilarious my eyes were watering like crazy. 

But hey a lot of you are going on missions and i am so proud of you its the best! Send me pictures of when you opened your calls, oh and if you got married send me some pictures of that too!! ;) Oh i gave a 25 minute training in Zone Training Meeting so that was sick, well i will be on all day hit me up :D I will send pictures later i am having some problems with them.

haha love you guys and have an amazing week, i cant wait to hear from you! 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Week #22 - My first skype call home!


I am so freaking pumped i had the opportunity to skype everyone yesterday like wow my heart just exploded in my chest haha and still my moms the only one to make me cry ;P

But not too much crazy stuff happened this week, we just went on two exchanges and it was a freaking fun time! Oh something really sad happened, one of the elders out here, i love the kid had to go home because he punched a wall one day and had to go and get surgery so that sucked but his name is Kolton Remund and you should follow him and tease him about it ;) (he will be reading this so i have to give him crap) um besides the call and the exchanges it was a pretty average week but i have some beautiful stupendous extra amazing gospel stuff to share hahaha i need every one to pray our investigators, for these people, they need it and the power and divine nature of prayer is truly unreal :)

Also i wanted to share a really important scripture passage for mothers day :)
its John Chapter 19. In this moment Jesus Christ is on the cross and he has already suffered in Gethsemane and been tortured in the worst ways, both physically and spiritually and while he is in the midst of all this agony and pain upon the cross facing people that hated him and mocked him. Jesus Christ even after all this wasn't thinking of himself, He Made the time to to tell john to take care of his mother and and remember who she is and her importance. Let us read this together this week and ask ourselves one question, How are you treating the women in your lives? Because i can guarantee its not good enough, take the time and make sure that ALL the women in your lives know HOW important they are. 

Love you guys so much and i cant wait to hear from you ;D

 played with an Iguana the other day.
 Posing with my baby tiger haha he likes to play on trees ;)

 Exchange pic with Elder Hansen 
 The other missionaries are my companion and Rindlisbacher.
My first Facetime with all these beautiful people :)

Bubba's comp
Bubba's video to everyone

Talking to Alex - Brother In Law

Talking to Fam

Talking to Renata

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week #21 - Mother's Day is soon....

Wow i love you guys so much and am just so happy to be able to write you!!!

It's going to be mothers day on the 10th and thank the Lord for all the mothers who make us into who we are! I will be able to skype home and all that good stuff, pshhh, I'm probably going to cry! ;) 

Had a baptism this week and it was awesome i had the opportunity to speak at it. Also we have a baptism coming up and we are teachings some families, please keep them in your prayers, that they might have strength and make the right decisions and feel the spirit! and pray we can find some new people :)

i wanted to share something i really really liked from this zone conference we just had with Elder Clark from the seventy. He said this to all of the people in the meeting with the wards then just to use missionaries. He said "When you can start caring about other people, and other peoples children.....Then you can have the RIGHT to ask God about yours" Thats something i have noticed out here probably more than anything, i have seen the people that truly care for me back home. By the letters they write me, by the emails they send me, and especially how they treat my family. If anyone truly knows me they know i am extremely loyal and that my family means more to me than anything on the planet. And im not going to say names but i know who takes care of my angel mother and visits her and shows her the love that i cant while im out here, and you know who you are as well, and i thank you for that with all of my heart, you dont know how much it means to me when you love and care for my family even when i am not there. I love you and thank you and i know the Lord does as well because its the exact same situation with him, he is not directly here with us but he KNOWS who cares for his family. I love you all thank you for all your letters and emails and just who you are. I cant wait to see all of your beautiful faces one day, after i bring other families to eternal salvation as well. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Baptism Family
Sandhills Cranes and me on the hunt ;)