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Monday, May 18, 2015

Week #23 - First baptism in spanish

I just realized i wasn't sending my emails to everyone. So i am so sorry if you have been wanting to read and haven't seen them, i wont leave you out again! Also if there is anyone that doesn't want to get my emails anymore just let me know that as well, i wont be offended :) But If some of you didn't get your letters or want one send me your addresses and i will make sure to write you :) Ive been doing pretty good at writing so don't be surprised when you get one ;)

Well anyways this week has been pretty different because I HAD MY FIRST BAPTISM where i actually did the ordinance haha it was so awesome. It was in spanish too so i was freaking out, but it is so cool how the gospel changes people and just makes them so much happier! Now we need some more people to teach so pray for that :) 

Also i biked for the first time this week and it was actually really fun, we did it on exchanges and it was nice but man do you sweat A LOT!! Then we had some service and i let a lizard bite my nose and the spot where he bit was a tear jerker haha it was hilarious my eyes were watering like crazy. 

But hey a lot of you are going on missions and i am so proud of you its the best! Send me pictures of when you opened your calls, oh and if you got married send me some pictures of that too!! ;) Oh i gave a 25 minute training in Zone Training Meeting so that was sick, well i will be on all day hit me up :D I will send pictures later i am having some problems with them.

haha love you guys and have an amazing week, i cant wait to hear from you! 

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