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Monday, November 30, 2015

Week #51 - Happy Thanksgiving

Well, hey everyone!

This has been an interesting p-day because we don't have any miles so we are stuck at our house, so we took a nap and we felt like sister missionaries haha but anyway we have a ton of awesome things coming this week! We have two baptisms this week and my birthday is this week!! I feel like an old man, I will be 20 years old! it is really weird to think about an I don't like it, I liked my younger years and everything but I do understand I am still very young its just different now. So this has caused me to think about all the things I want in life and I cant stop thinking about jeeps, more specifically the jeep rubicon oh my gosh I love jeeps haha I cant wait for the holidays to be over It makes me think of home wayyyy too much :) 

Anyways I really loved a fireside we did last night. the stake president did it on his property and it was amazing. He played cool Christian music and helped all the youth realize hat they need Christ especially in making life decisions. It was just so awesome and the night sky was so clear on his farm, im starting to steer farther and farther away from the city haha its just not as peaceful. Well anyways I love you guys and hope everything is going well, oh and we larped and played D&D this past week and wow I loved them because im a freaking nerd! and thanksgiving was really good too! :)

Exchanges with Elder Fairbanks

Exchanges with Elder Anderson (right) & Elder Skidmore (left)
Thanksgiving dinner picture with the Weaver's
My companion thinks he's hard ;)
Well some super ghetto matching cars haha 
These must have been 30" rims

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week #50 - Attitude of gratitude

Well hello, hello there :)

It's been an amazing week guys!! Elder Pututau and I are still together and really pumped for the work that is happening in our area and the zone. We have two of our five baptismal interviews today and we are working with maybe getting some more people prepared for this month so it's awesome! 

My sis sent me a dope package and it made me so happy and trunky all at the same time haha Elder Pututau was way pumped too! I've been missing home so much lately though because the weather is getting colder and thanksgiving and Christmas with my family is the best time of the year for me and it's gonna be weird!! But we are having dinner with some awesome families.

If I have one challenge to everyone this week it's that as you pray, pick one night this week and focus that prayer on things that you are thankful for, big and small and I promise it will make the difference in your happiness and ease your stress. I know this because I did it last night. I was a little stressed out because the zone was doing as good as they could and I was being ungrateful for the stuff we had going (because I almost want more than we already have, even though we have a ton of things going on!) as I was saying in my prayers I imagined the people we are teaching and I just started crying haha the work we did is something eternal. It is something that can't be measured on a paper, calculated on a graph, or weighed on a scale. It is the work of an almighty God, guiding normal people to achieve miracles through the power of the priesthood. We have been called by the creator of existence and our father to bring people back home and we achieve that by harnessing the power of the sweet gentle voice of the Holy Ghost. Be thankful for what you have until you develop an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE.

With love Elder G :)

Exchanges with Elder Gale
And chilling on the island, what do you expect...we're islanders ;D
My sister's AWESOME care package
Horse tails for my Tongan companion ;)

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week #49 - We're Staying Together!

Heyyyyyy guys!

Well Elder Pututau and I are staying another in waterford lakes and we are pretty excited!!! We should have around 7 baptisms in December so pray for those to come to pass, it is so awesome watching the hand of the lord in the work. I gave my two trainings last week and the first one was a little lackluster and the second was awesome because i was able to improve on the things from the first training and it was awesome.

I dont really know what more to say i just love you guys and am so grateful for the stuff you sent me. I have been able to witness some amazing things and i know the lord loves us incredibly.

Oh, also Marvin Goldstein and Vanessa Joy came to this area and they were amazing and very funny. If you have any questions email me and i will send answers, sorry there wasn't much stuff to share today. The wonderful work moves on and on each and every day, there is just too much to share sometimes in an email but ill be happy to talk about it when i get home in 13 months bahahah ;)

Elder Pututau & I with gifts we were given by our investigators

Temple tour with Brittaney and Bianca our two investigators 
 Same Temple tour with Brother Guzman

Monday, November 9, 2015

Week #48 - If you are married send me an email

Wassssuuupp Fam :D

Wow it was such an amazing week. So first off we have 7 people on date for baptism and hopefully a couple more that are solid and we will baptize by the end of the year so pray for them!! :) The thing that's kind of a bummer is that transfers are next Tuesday and Elder Pututau and I both feel like i am leaving. So hopefully not so i can be here for these baptisms and for Christmas here because it would suck to start with new people for that but whatever the Lords will, i will be more than happy with it haha :)

This week should be pretty amazing, we have zone conference and i am giving a training at our zone conference and the other half of the missions zone conference, so i will be giving two training and i am way excited for them! As well we have Marvin Goldstein and Vanessa Joy coming to our mission for a special fireside for us. Marvin Goldstein was called by L. Tom Perry as an ambassador of music to the world!! He plays the piano and is awesome we used to listen to him. As well Vanessa Joy is a great singer, so we have been inviting all of our investigators to that.

Oh also found out this week that i don't like the city near as much as i thought i did. A ton of sin and homeless people, as well as just crazy weird people. i feel like it would be sweet to work in the city in one of the buildings but never ever live there or even close to it haha 

Send me pictures and some stories

love you guys!! :)

PS- everyone is getting married and i just wanted to know who haha so thats what the subject is about.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week #47 - Missionary Work

Hey Fam, 

I can't even think right now I'm so tired haha but I know one thing is that I miss home right now :) The work is going and everything is just peachy but sometimes you just miss home and the loved ones back home as well. 

It's been amazing seeing the miracles of missionary work, not only on the people we teach but on the missionaries! This is where we set the course of our entire lives and I don't think people realize that :) it's amazing being out here and we are I used in the most important work but if we don't prepare for home and to be full time missionaries after the mission, we miss out on a huge role we have as members. We need to share the gospel with everyone, when we are baptized and become members it becomes a giant responsibility of ours, an eternal responsibility to help with the mission work! Please spread the gospel to everyone and let me know how it goes :) 

I just love your guys so much!!! I feel like everyone's probably married and doing awesome stuff with their life but I don't really know I haven't heard from a ton of people just the really close ones that care, even when I don't email back haha because it's hard to email back and you will only know that if you've served a mission haha :) but send me a quick little what's going on and your life and some pictures, I will send a recording next week :) 

Love you guys!! And if you have any questions just ask me and I will try my best to answer, also pray we find some new investigators to get ready for baptism :)

Cleaning our pores like real men.
 Halloween Ward party with hay bail and fire.

Exchanges with Elder Richards and Elder Jurges