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Monday, November 30, 2015

Week #51 - Happy Thanksgiving

Well, hey everyone!

This has been an interesting p-day because we don't have any miles so we are stuck at our house, so we took a nap and we felt like sister missionaries haha but anyway we have a ton of awesome things coming this week! We have two baptisms this week and my birthday is this week!! I feel like an old man, I will be 20 years old! it is really weird to think about an I don't like it, I liked my younger years and everything but I do understand I am still very young its just different now. So this has caused me to think about all the things I want in life and I cant stop thinking about jeeps, more specifically the jeep rubicon oh my gosh I love jeeps haha I cant wait for the holidays to be over It makes me think of home wayyyy too much :) 

Anyways I really loved a fireside we did last night. the stake president did it on his property and it was amazing. He played cool Christian music and helped all the youth realize hat they need Christ especially in making life decisions. It was just so awesome and the night sky was so clear on his farm, im starting to steer farther and farther away from the city haha its just not as peaceful. Well anyways I love you guys and hope everything is going well, oh and we larped and played D&D this past week and wow I loved them because im a freaking nerd! and thanksgiving was really good too! :)

Exchanges with Elder Fairbanks

Exchanges with Elder Anderson (right) & Elder Skidmore (left)
Thanksgiving dinner picture with the Weaver's
My companion thinks he's hard ;)
Well some super ghetto matching cars haha 
These must have been 30" rims

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