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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Week #94 - Chastity & Commitment!

Guys it's just getting wild haha the days are dwindling away. We've had some awesome times this week. Reinalda is so ready for baptism, like she is just awesome, she participates a ton in class and told us when we talked about baptism she felt happiness that she didn't feel before. So she will be ready for her baptism and then really we are just looking for people right now. 

We have found 21 new people in the last week and a half but we are cycling through them quick. It's been amazing seeing my Spanish just sky rocket haha like it's improving super fast and I feel so good about it. It helps me feel accomplished because it was such a weakness at one point and now it's just increasing into a huge strength for me. My companion is improving a ton too and it's been awesome to see him grow and learn. We made our apartment super nice and somewhat live able so it's pretty sick. 

I wanted to share just a random thought about the importance of the law of chastity. It is so real, don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. We see so many people struggling with divorce and kids without fathers and people getting attached to someone who doesn't even care about them. To many hearts are broken because of some "fun" that can be had or because you feel like you "love someone. If you love someone you are going to give them eternity, you are not going to settle for anything less than the temple and if not that at least marriage where you can truly say you are together and COMMITTED to the trials and tribulations that come. The only true power of creation we have is procreation and it's sacred and beautiful, we need to have the love, care and self respect for ourselves and for others. This is an eternal truth, not just a religious idea or belief but truth. Look around at the people who just go around with whoever they please or who decide to have fun for a night, it is never worth it. I have seen way to many people on my mission that have made these type of bad decisions and needed the gospel because nothing of the world can help. It's devastating to say the least, be careful with what you decide to do. 

Pic with Teresa, she was baptized :) 
Brother Winkelkotter
The Vincent's
My boy Gio 
Cecilia Mufalo
Denham Family
My man Adam Netane 
Dinner with the Hays family and sister Hartlieb 
Temple with Brother Kirkland and Elder Jensen
Pulver Family
Brother Skjeersaw
Brother Svejda
Chi Chi
Brother Groff
Martinez fam
Carson Fam
Sister Lowry aka GAGA :)
Kirkland Family and alex 
Dallin Galeai 
Tobon Family 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Week #93 - This week has been LOCO!!! + Meet Elder Taylor :)

I don't really know what to write right now this week has been loco!!! I use Loco because estoy en la obra español otra vez! Wow es un poco divertido por decir lo menos 😜 (I am in spanish work again! Wow, it's a little fun to say the least) It has been a wild week though, got my boy Elder Taylor, training that greenie til he's ripe and ready and til I'm dead....mission term for leaving the mish :( it's gonna be a sad day and it's been weird in this area because I've had to think about it a lot. Also, with my companion being straight from home we talk about it and it's mind boggling.

But we haven't had to much time for that this week we were hustlin' to get this area rockin! We literally both got into this area and started from scratch, there wasn't a ton going on and we didn't know the area. So, we ran and got a ton of ward lists, like part member families and directories and just organized the crap out of everything! We had a stellar week though, we found 16 new peeps to teach, put someone on date and had 4 @sacrament which we hope to increase all those but for now it'll do.

It's been cool though, we worked super hard and Elder Taylor is a beast, he is smart a tech guy and from West Jordan. He is a great teacher and now we just need to work on his Spanish. What's been cool though is helping train him made me realize I know a lot more than I thought and I've had to be patient.

It was cool though we got a call to get Elder Taylor certified for driving and Elder Creamer the car guy said that president Clark said I was his best trainer and then I was able to talk to president Clark a little on the phone and he said that I did a fantastic job as a zone leader and that I need to make Elder Taylor even better than I am, so that's my goal!! I'm dumping everything I know into him haha it's weird I'm so close to home. 
But I love you guys the church is real and Jesus lives amen :)

New Address: 
2550 citrus tower boulevard apt.5102 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Week #92 - Back to Spanish Work!

Hey everybody!

Well things are about to change over here in Florida :) I just got called to be a Trainer and I'm going back so spanish work!! wow oh wow is this weird. It pretty much means "hey you're almost done so we will give you someone to dump your knowledge on", so thats gonna be fun! Pray for me lots because this is the most important calling ill have had on my mission. Zone leader and all that stuff was good but this is going to be a future missionaries start to his entire mission and he better be way better than me or i did my job wrong!!

I am going to miss Windermere a lot!! like its gonna be really really weird to be back in spanish work. I have really met so many awesome people in this area and just like the rest it will have a part of my heart. Like Teresa passed her interview and will be baptized this weekend, which is dope and Elder Jensen and i have set up 2 more in the next weeks that are SUPER solid so i am pumped!! Also, Chris Bohrer got baptized and that was soooo dope!! Im just happy to see all these people enter the waters of baptism it truly is amazing. 

I have tons of pictures so prepare to be blasted haha and i added some people onto here so if you want off just please send me a private email and i will try to remember. 
I love you guys.

Elder HULK :)
Exchanges with Elder Fenn & an awesome youth, Austin Bleckner 

 Package from my sister,
not everything she gave is in the picture but you can see she is the best
 The Sillito's and a pic of some of the things they sell

Chuck is an older gentleman who always plays ball with us 
My boy Gio who always plays with us

Monday, September 5, 2016

Week #91 - Repentance & The Atonement

Heyyyy fam!
It's been an awesome week! Got someone else on date to be baptized in October so we are super pumped for that!! This weeks been great except I got mad sick just barely so that was a bummer for sure haha I slept in this morning because of it and man did that feel good. Not to much to say this week besides the fact that I've truly learned the importance of the full affect of the atonement process. Which are:
  1. Recognize you've sinned
  2. Stop sinning (duh right)
  3. Then confess to you loving Heavenly Father and to proper authority if needed 
  4. After continue to keep the commandments 
  5. Acknowledge that it's all made possible through Jesus Christ
It's pretty amazing the effect it has on us if we follow through with ALL of the steps we can leave any out. I've seen it in my own life and in the life of others, you think it might be impossible to quit the things you are doing and that there's no hope, no light at the end of the tunnel...but there is. We just have to do everything we can and then will his grace be sufficient for us. It's weird how it works, it's like magic. You think how could things such as simple as these steps help but then you realize that they cause you to be humble and rely on the savior when the world would work on your pride and cause you to hide and be alone. It's amazing. We had a lesson with someone to help them quit their addictions and she was struggling and so we asked her if she had confessed to the bishop and she said no. So we helped her do that and a couple days later she said that she was doing great! Haha it made me SOOO HAPPY! All it took was for her to confess and finish the repentance cycle and her desire to sin stopped. For her it was the confession part, and for most people that usually is what they need to do. It's scary and hard, we were about being judged or condemned but there is only one voice that matters and that is the voice of our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ who speak to us through the Holy Ghost. If you need to confess pray for strength and do it and I promise it will be the best decision you'll ever make. Don't allow the adversary to hold you back from who you are and who God needs you to be. Satan is a miserable man bound by eternal limitations and he wants us to be miserable with him, don't let him beat you. 

I love you guys and if anyone needs some strength or help email me :) Love you and Ciao :) 
Exchange with Elder Thornock sorry the pic is bad