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Monday, September 12, 2016

Week #92 - Back to Spanish Work!

Hey everybody!

Well things are about to change over here in Florida :) I just got called to be a Trainer and I'm going back so spanish work!! wow oh wow is this weird. It pretty much means "hey you're almost done so we will give you someone to dump your knowledge on", so thats gonna be fun! Pray for me lots because this is the most important calling ill have had on my mission. Zone leader and all that stuff was good but this is going to be a future missionaries start to his entire mission and he better be way better than me or i did my job wrong!!

I am going to miss Windermere a lot!! like its gonna be really really weird to be back in spanish work. I have really met so many awesome people in this area and just like the rest it will have a part of my heart. Like Teresa passed her interview and will be baptized this weekend, which is dope and Elder Jensen and i have set up 2 more in the next weeks that are SUPER solid so i am pumped!! Also, Chris Bohrer got baptized and that was soooo dope!! Im just happy to see all these people enter the waters of baptism it truly is amazing. 

I have tons of pictures so prepare to be blasted haha and i added some people onto here so if you want off just please send me a private email and i will try to remember. 
I love you guys.

Elder HULK :)
Exchanges with Elder Fenn & an awesome youth, Austin Bleckner 

 Package from my sister,
not everything she gave is in the picture but you can see she is the best
 The Sillito's and a pic of some of the things they sell

Chuck is an older gentleman who always plays ball with us 
My boy Gio who always plays with us

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