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Monday, September 19, 2016

Week #93 - This week has been LOCO!!! + Meet Elder Taylor :)

I don't really know what to write right now this week has been loco!!! I use Loco because estoy en la obra español otra vez! Wow es un poco divertido por decir lo menos 😜 (I am in spanish work again! Wow, it's a little fun to say the least) It has been a wild week though, got my boy Elder Taylor, training that greenie til he's ripe and ready and til I'm dead....mission term for leaving the mish :( it's gonna be a sad day and it's been weird in this area because I've had to think about it a lot. Also, with my companion being straight from home we talk about it and it's mind boggling.

But we haven't had to much time for that this week we were hustlin' to get this area rockin! We literally both got into this area and started from scratch, there wasn't a ton going on and we didn't know the area. So, we ran and got a ton of ward lists, like part member families and directories and just organized the crap out of everything! We had a stellar week though, we found 16 new peeps to teach, put someone on date and had 4 @sacrament which we hope to increase all those but for now it'll do.

It's been cool though, we worked super hard and Elder Taylor is a beast, he is smart a tech guy and from West Jordan. He is a great teacher and now we just need to work on his Spanish. What's been cool though is helping train him made me realize I know a lot more than I thought and I've had to be patient.

It was cool though we got a call to get Elder Taylor certified for driving and Elder Creamer the car guy said that president Clark said I was his best trainer and then I was able to talk to president Clark a little on the phone and he said that I did a fantastic job as a zone leader and that I need to make Elder Taylor even better than I am, so that's my goal!! I'm dumping everything I know into him haha it's weird I'm so close to home. 
But I love you guys the church is real and Jesus lives amen :)

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2550 citrus tower boulevard apt.5102 

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