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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Week #94 - Chastity & Commitment!

Guys it's just getting wild haha the days are dwindling away. We've had some awesome times this week. Reinalda is so ready for baptism, like she is just awesome, she participates a ton in class and told us when we talked about baptism she felt happiness that she didn't feel before. So she will be ready for her baptism and then really we are just looking for people right now. 

We have found 21 new people in the last week and a half but we are cycling through them quick. It's been amazing seeing my Spanish just sky rocket haha like it's improving super fast and I feel so good about it. It helps me feel accomplished because it was such a weakness at one point and now it's just increasing into a huge strength for me. My companion is improving a ton too and it's been awesome to see him grow and learn. We made our apartment super nice and somewhat live able so it's pretty sick. 

I wanted to share just a random thought about the importance of the law of chastity. It is so real, don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. We see so many people struggling with divorce and kids without fathers and people getting attached to someone who doesn't even care about them. To many hearts are broken because of some "fun" that can be had or because you feel like you "love someone. If you love someone you are going to give them eternity, you are not going to settle for anything less than the temple and if not that at least marriage where you can truly say you are together and COMMITTED to the trials and tribulations that come. The only true power of creation we have is procreation and it's sacred and beautiful, we need to have the love, care and self respect for ourselves and for others. This is an eternal truth, not just a religious idea or belief but truth. Look around at the people who just go around with whoever they please or who decide to have fun for a night, it is never worth it. I have seen way to many people on my mission that have made these type of bad decisions and needed the gospel because nothing of the world can help. It's devastating to say the least, be careful with what you decide to do. 

Pic with Teresa, she was baptized :) 
Brother Winkelkotter
The Vincent's
My boy Gio 
Cecilia Mufalo
Denham Family
My man Adam Netane 
Dinner with the Hays family and sister Hartlieb 
Temple with Brother Kirkland and Elder Jensen
Pulver Family
Brother Skjeersaw
Brother Svejda
Chi Chi
Brother Groff
Martinez fam
Carson Fam
Sister Lowry aka GAGA :)
Kirkland Family and alex 
Dallin Galeai 
Tobon Family 

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