Called To Serve In Orlando, Florida.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday, August 24, 2015

Week #37 - Where Do I Begin?

Wow I don't even know where to begin this week. Let's just say my friends are serving missions in the coolest places and I am so proud of you guys!

One thing I have learned though is family really is everyone on the planet. I am leaving this area already and man have I found family here in Ponciana. Its crazy and fast you can come to know people and love them with all your heart, I mean seriously a piece of my heart is going to be left here in Poinciana and some of its already in Deltona! I don't know if I am going to have anything left by the time I get home hahaha ;)

When I am far from home it is the best when I can find amazing people to call home while I am out here. The #1 thing in the gospel to me is the fact that we can be in families for time and all eternity, I cant even imagine living without the knowledge that I can be with my family (Everyone) for now and after death. It would tear me apart to leave these areas and not have that divine knowledge.

I love you guys so much and I will email my new address out soon, but I just want to apologize for not writing everyone yet, or writing people back yet. It just gets so hectic and busy, and its about to get busier, a lot of crazy stuff is going down this next few weeks and it is going to be awesome! If you can send me some voice recordings or pictures, they make my life that much better :) 

Oh freak I said I would send a recording out this week haha oh well next week for sure. 
Congrats on my bros Leo Fuchs and Jamon Hafen on their missions well done boys!! :)
(Added a lot of people onto this email so if you want off just tell me :))

Bro Turner
Kendo stick fighting with his son

The seminary room we painted down here 
The seminary teacher Sister Fritz 
As well all the youth 
Joseph Hull 
 Nyla & Noah
President Quispe
Hamilton, Sid Brown, & George Scherer :) 
 Johnny B & his kids
Kathie Mothersil & Jennifer Tettah w/Kathie's girl & boy & Jennifer's boy.
Brother Ajer & Brother Burton 

The pictures of our school chapel :)

The Rodriguez family, my 2nd home in Poinciana :) 
I was the first one to sit in that I claimed it as my throne :)
Oscar Mejia, the most awesome guy ever :)

Monday, August 17, 2015

Week #36 - Baptism

Hey everybody

It has been an extremely tiring week haha but it has been good! (oh im going to send a voice recording next week but I want to hear all your voices on a recording too, either this week or next!!!

We baptized one of our favorite people in the world Angie Diaz!!! It was incredible, I want to tell you that this lady went through SOOOOO much in order to get baptized. I cant even describe how amazing she is and the faith that she has. The day before her baptism her husband said that if she went through with it he was going to divorce her. What she told us is, "I am going to do it with or without him" This lady quit so many addictions and pretty much her entire old life and then was even willing to be divorced because she knows the truth and what that truth brings. I want you all to reflect on your lives and ask yourself if you could do that. I can tell you that if you say you couldn't, you need to gain a stronger testimony of the gospel of jesus Christ because he gives us everything and in the next life we will have nothing without him. The gospel is set up in such a way that when you sacrifice something, the lord promises something around the corner far beyond what you left behind. I cant begin to explain how amazing it has been seeing people change because of the gospel. People quit hardcore addictions in a day, flip their lives around in a second, and help others do the same. And its all because they feel the holy ghost, and the holy ghost can help them because he is in complete unity with our lord and savior; who suffered all manner of pains and afflictions so he could know how to help us.

I love you all with the entirety of my being and I promise Heavenly Father does too, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen :)

Angie and her daughter Jocelyn and Bates first baptism!!!

Exchanges with Elder Terry
 Did some interviews this week :) Lester, Hailey(blonde), and Rebecca

Qurans birthday and his sister Nana :)
You know you are in florida when you are chilling with frogs in your car
 OR when your tires hit grass at all and it tears 
a hole in the ground

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week #35 - Crazy Coincidence?

What's up guys :)

Aww just so mellow and content today, we busted it out so hard this week its just amazing its PDAY. We have a baptism this week so that is going to be awesome, we asked who she wanted to baptize her and she said if she trusted anyone to kill her it would be me bahaahh but then she found out Bates was brand new so HES getting to perform his first baptism!!! So exciting hahaha

So the funniest thing happened yesterday aha so we are eating dinner at a members home and there was some people visiting from Utah so they were like, "we live in Lehi." And I was like, "oh really you do that is so awesome I did too." Then they said "ya did you go to lehi highschool and I was like ya" and so we talked about that for a little bit and then they said, "Ya, we lived by the rodeo grounds." And at this point I was like no way! so I said I lived by the rodeo grounds too! And they were like really what ward were you in and i said wines park ward and they said that's our ward now! So we talked about the ward a bit and then the wife says ya we live in the townhomes... and I was just like no freaking way! ME TOO!  haha long story short they live in number 25 and my house is number 26 haha so It was a crazy coincidence and then they even said they talked to my mom! and this all just blew my mind haha it made me so happy :)

But besides that we got to go to the temple and it was soooo incredible, I just zoned out in there and felt the spirit so strong. 

I love you guys so much, I cant wait for the time of us all to be together again :)


House of The Lord

Some Temple pics with Brother Scherer

With our favorite Senior Couple the Spencers :) 

My girl giving my some kisses ;)

Monday, August 3, 2015

Week #34 - What a weeeeekkkk!


It has been such an incredible incredible week everybody. We went to wild Florida at the beginning of it so i have a TON of pictures from that, it was cool the did a feeding sow with all of the alligators and made hem jump for chickens. It was cool because we all got in for free and the gift shop was something like 30-50% off for us so that was dope. I bought a gator head :D It was cool but even better than that, on the same day we heard we were getting a new comp!! So we went and had dinner with the mission president and it was so good and just a fun time and picked up our boy! his name is elder bates and he is a beast missionary and just a friend for life, it has been so awesome! He is from Idaho and went to college at BYU for a year. He is a so tall and reminds me of Tanner D so it makes me way happy haha so we have been training him in our trio and we killed it this week, it was a fruitful fruitful week. We already played a prank on him and it was hilarious and then last night i got him to eat a trinidad scorpion pepper and he was dying, then we (Reeves and I) ate some sardines and herrings and they actually were not that bad i was surprised haha.

I Love you guys so much i cant even tell you! I am so thankful for you all and the influence you were on me to help me be the man i am today.

 Did three interviews this last two weeks, but I only have pictures for two of them but pray for them and help them stay strong :) Emily and Seedee :) 

 The Sardines 

  Holding our baby boy Elder Bates 
Went on an exchange with Elder Jennings 

Totally undershot the chicken bahaha

 All of us at Wild Florida