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Monday, August 10, 2015

Week #35 - Crazy Coincidence?

What's up guys :)

Aww just so mellow and content today, we busted it out so hard this week its just amazing its PDAY. We have a baptism this week so that is going to be awesome, we asked who she wanted to baptize her and she said if she trusted anyone to kill her it would be me bahaahh but then she found out Bates was brand new so HES getting to perform his first baptism!!! So exciting hahaha

So the funniest thing happened yesterday aha so we are eating dinner at a members home and there was some people visiting from Utah so they were like, "we live in Lehi." And I was like, "oh really you do that is so awesome I did too." Then they said "ya did you go to lehi highschool and I was like ya" and so we talked about that for a little bit and then they said, "Ya, we lived by the rodeo grounds." And at this point I was like no way! so I said I lived by the rodeo grounds too! And they were like really what ward were you in and i said wines park ward and they said that's our ward now! So we talked about the ward a bit and then the wife says ya we live in the townhomes... and I was just like no freaking way! ME TOO!  haha long story short they live in number 25 and my house is number 26 haha so It was a crazy coincidence and then they even said they talked to my mom! and this all just blew my mind haha it made me so happy :)

But besides that we got to go to the temple and it was soooo incredible, I just zoned out in there and felt the spirit so strong. 

I love you guys so much, I cant wait for the time of us all to be together again :)


House of The Lord

Some Temple pics with Brother Scherer

With our favorite Senior Couple the Spencers :) 

My girl giving my some kisses ;)

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