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Monday, June 29, 2015

Week #29 - 6 Months in

Elder Godinet sent a recording. Click below to listen to it!
---> Elder Godinet's Recording <---
---> Elder Godinet's Recording <---
---> Elder Godinet's Recording <---
We burned ties for 6 months in bahaha wow we are green :)

 A Dope Frog ;)

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week #28 - Heavenly Father's Day

What an interesting week haha just kidding it was just a simple plain week. we found some amazing people but the best part about this week is that it was fathers day yesterday!!!

Happy fathers day to everyone, all you dads and future dads ;) I want to give a special shout out to my OLD man, Happy fathers day pops and i hope its the best and you got the mayan calendar i sent you! You have been an amazing dad and i love you forever!! as well i want to wish a happy fathers day to my grandfather, so Happy fathers day ande i hope you know how much you have done for our family and still do. Our gaurdian angel :) And the i want to give a Happy fathers day to our father in Heaven and all he has done. Even sending his only begotten to the Earth so that he could suffer and die for ALL of us, because he loves us just as much and wants us to return to his presence. The title of a father is sacred so sacred that the creator of our planet and everything that exists asks us to call him father. The love is incomprehensible in all ways and he does it for us. As well thanks to my MOM and all single mothers out there because they play the role of the father sometimes too and i wouldnt be who i am without her and the way she raised me. i think the lord knew what he was doing when he put honor thy father and thy mother in the ten commandments.


Florida life basically 
Getting pretty dang good at throwing darts ;)
With this kid again :) MTC comp
Kissing the frog
Exchanges with Elder Isaacson

Monday, June 15, 2015

Week #27 - Feeling Trunky

Heyyyyyy Everybody

So this area has been A LOT of work (email me personally for the deets) ;) but it has been rough but we are doing really really good haha I'm just grateful for the blessings we receive through the gospel and the potential and power we have as human beings, especially when we realize who we really are (Psalms 82:6)

I have been way trunky this transfer haha I've been missing everybody haha I've had some good times with all of you, but out here you realize how much living the gospel makes you that much happier. I have some of the best people on the planet in this email, you guys are doing what the Lord wants and making correct choice. at least I hope ;) some of you have made it through the worst of times and come out stronger and thriving to do better. I just cant express my love for you all enough, it makes me so happy to see your emails and see how happy you all are :) It makes me happy to see that you guys aren't killing people or know about people killing people haha I mean it sounds crazy but that stuff is normal out where the gospel does not thrive. You notice where the gospel thrives te economy and worldly life thrives but in a good way.

I can tell you how much the savior loves each of you and how much he waits for you all to make the right choices and jump in his loving arms. My vision of the world has changed in the fact that everything is so much greater than what we thing, God is SO much more merciful than we can imagine. the kind of love you learn of by finding Gods universal love by studying other religions is unreal. Sometimes I just gets baffled for words...I mean God is a man who can control the molecular structure of matter. He can create universes or end them. Time has no relative meaning to him and the laws of nature we have on earth mean nothing to i'm because they're his laws.. And yet he finds the most joy in US in the people that fall and make mistakes everyday. The people that deny his existence or willfully disobey him. The people that can be so blind and selfish that they choose to blame him for their problems and yet he loves us and finds more joy in our existence and never-ending happiness than anything. He takes his time to provide the things we need to live, and to take care of us individually by the atonement his son and our brother, that was sent for the sole purpose of guiding us back to our heavenly father and our teaching us, being rejected, and then suffering for each of us one by one. Then being resurrected so that all hopelessness in the earth could be filled with light and hope, the hope that is Jesus Christ our Savior and Redeemer.

I love you guys, remember who you are, where you came from, and where you are going, because there is a plan for each of you...and we have our home waiting for us after we've done all we can :) I love you guys email me when you can and just let me know what's going on in your life and let your father know as well when you kneel down in humble prayer before him.

Elder Godinet

Whooping a little boy in an arm wrestle ;)
I don't know how I did it but I did, I found BETOS!!!!!!! 
It was amazing :O
  A picture and letter I gave to Leopoldo Tormes, 
one of the best men I have ever met
 My awesome companion last transfer Elder Lindsay, 
I miss this kid haha
The streets were calling me home ;) 

My Favorite People

Monday, June 8, 2015

Week #26 - Elder Reeves, Again :) MTC Companion

Heyyyyyy everybody,

I'm in a new area right now and we are killing it!! Found 14 new people to teach this week and just gonna turn this are around. My new address:

I can't wait to hear from you guys, keep sending me pics and I will keep getting to your letters, yes I know slowly but surely haha :) I'm back with my MTC companion again elder reeves haha but it's pretty much because the mission president wanted to let sherwin have a good last transfer ;)  so he put me here haha so I guess we'll see. It's been pretty fun and this new house has a lot of random new stuff. I miss you all a lot this change made me miss home again. I am going to be sending a bunch of pics later but email me anytime today and I am going to email a lot of you. I love you so much if you have any questions ask. :) Tell me some funny stories too, love you guys :) I CANT SAY IT ENOUGH I FREAKING LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

Oh today someone told us she is deathly afraid of gingers and midgets hahahaha and one day at work she opened the door and there was her boss who is a red head and she threw up all over the floor and peed her pants bahahah I was dying laughing, then she said that she got sent home early but it was so funny.

Scripture of the week: psalms 82:6 it doesn't get more obvious than that ;)

I also miss the people from my last area so much haha those people are straight up family now and it was so hard to leave. I cried and a lot of the youth cried and tormes did as well. But I connected with the youth there so much. they told me they connected with my more than any other missionary and really it is because we were like bros haha I love those kids. im already planning on visiting them after the mish which is awhile haha but if anyone wants to join start planning now for spring break 2017 bahahaha


Monday, June 1, 2015

Week #25 - Getting Transferred to my 2nd Area

Hey everybody!!

I miss you guys especially this week because I am getting transferred to my second area! Wow am I a newbie or what haha it's crazy to leave, it literally feels like a second farewell I really love these people and just started to bond and then I have to leave. I have made some family out here and I will never forget them, is makes me hate transfers but I know I will meet a lot of new people. I just hope I get a car area because biking it going to blow chunks hahah especially because I heard the summers hear are brutally humid and I already sweat like a monster. But I know if I'm doing what I need to be doing at I will love the next group and my new companion!


Well wish me luck and I hope you all are doing fantastic, remember how important you are. You are above sin and the world. 

Short one this week, love you all :)

Some families & the other pictures should be self explanatory

A gift I got (shirt) from my mission ward leader