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Monday, August 17, 2015

Week #36 - Baptism

Hey everybody

It has been an extremely tiring week haha but it has been good! (oh im going to send a voice recording next week but I want to hear all your voices on a recording too, either this week or next!!!

We baptized one of our favorite people in the world Angie Diaz!!! It was incredible, I want to tell you that this lady went through SOOOOO much in order to get baptized. I cant even describe how amazing she is and the faith that she has. The day before her baptism her husband said that if she went through with it he was going to divorce her. What she told us is, "I am going to do it with or without him" This lady quit so many addictions and pretty much her entire old life and then was even willing to be divorced because she knows the truth and what that truth brings. I want you all to reflect on your lives and ask yourself if you could do that. I can tell you that if you say you couldn't, you need to gain a stronger testimony of the gospel of jesus Christ because he gives us everything and in the next life we will have nothing without him. The gospel is set up in such a way that when you sacrifice something, the lord promises something around the corner far beyond what you left behind. I cant begin to explain how amazing it has been seeing people change because of the gospel. People quit hardcore addictions in a day, flip their lives around in a second, and help others do the same. And its all because they feel the holy ghost, and the holy ghost can help them because he is in complete unity with our lord and savior; who suffered all manner of pains and afflictions so he could know how to help us.

I love you all with the entirety of my being and I promise Heavenly Father does too, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen :)

Angie and her daughter Jocelyn and Bates first baptism!!!

Exchanges with Elder Terry
 Did some interviews this week :) Lester, Hailey(blonde), and Rebecca

Qurans birthday and his sister Nana :)
You know you are in florida when you are chilling with frogs in your car
 OR when your tires hit grass at all and it tears 
a hole in the ground

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