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Monday, August 24, 2015

Week #37 - Where Do I Begin?

Wow I don't even know where to begin this week. Let's just say my friends are serving missions in the coolest places and I am so proud of you guys!

One thing I have learned though is family really is everyone on the planet. I am leaving this area already and man have I found family here in Ponciana. Its crazy and fast you can come to know people and love them with all your heart, I mean seriously a piece of my heart is going to be left here in Poinciana and some of its already in Deltona! I don't know if I am going to have anything left by the time I get home hahaha ;)

When I am far from home it is the best when I can find amazing people to call home while I am out here. The #1 thing in the gospel to me is the fact that we can be in families for time and all eternity, I cant even imagine living without the knowledge that I can be with my family (Everyone) for now and after death. It would tear me apart to leave these areas and not have that divine knowledge.

I love you guys so much and I will email my new address out soon, but I just want to apologize for not writing everyone yet, or writing people back yet. It just gets so hectic and busy, and its about to get busier, a lot of crazy stuff is going down this next few weeks and it is going to be awesome! If you can send me some voice recordings or pictures, they make my life that much better :) 

Oh freak I said I would send a recording out this week haha oh well next week for sure. 
Congrats on my bros Leo Fuchs and Jamon Hafen on their missions well done boys!! :)
(Added a lot of people onto this email so if you want off just tell me :))

Bro Turner
Kendo stick fighting with his son

The seminary room we painted down here 
The seminary teacher Sister Fritz 
As well all the youth 
Joseph Hull 
 Nyla & Noah
President Quispe
Hamilton, Sid Brown, & George Scherer :) 
 Johnny B & his kids
Kathie Mothersil & Jennifer Tettah w/Kathie's girl & boy & Jennifer's boy.
Brother Ajer & Brother Burton 

The pictures of our school chapel :)

The Rodriguez family, my 2nd home in Poinciana :) 
I was the first one to sit in that I claimed it as my throne :)
Oscar Mejia, the most awesome guy ever :)

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