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Monday, September 5, 2016

Week #91 - Repentance & The Atonement

Heyyyy fam!
It's been an awesome week! Got someone else on date to be baptized in October so we are super pumped for that!! This weeks been great except I got mad sick just barely so that was a bummer for sure haha I slept in this morning because of it and man did that feel good. Not to much to say this week besides the fact that I've truly learned the importance of the full affect of the atonement process. Which are:
  1. Recognize you've sinned
  2. Stop sinning (duh right)
  3. Then confess to you loving Heavenly Father and to proper authority if needed 
  4. After continue to keep the commandments 
  5. Acknowledge that it's all made possible through Jesus Christ
It's pretty amazing the effect it has on us if we follow through with ALL of the steps we can leave any out. I've seen it in my own life and in the life of others, you think it might be impossible to quit the things you are doing and that there's no hope, no light at the end of the tunnel...but there is. We just have to do everything we can and then will his grace be sufficient for us. It's weird how it works, it's like magic. You think how could things such as simple as these steps help but then you realize that they cause you to be humble and rely on the savior when the world would work on your pride and cause you to hide and be alone. It's amazing. We had a lesson with someone to help them quit their addictions and she was struggling and so we asked her if she had confessed to the bishop and she said no. So we helped her do that and a couple days later she said that she was doing great! Haha it made me SOOO HAPPY! All it took was for her to confess and finish the repentance cycle and her desire to sin stopped. For her it was the confession part, and for most people that usually is what they need to do. It's scary and hard, we were about being judged or condemned but there is only one voice that matters and that is the voice of our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ who speak to us through the Holy Ghost. If you need to confess pray for strength and do it and I promise it will be the best decision you'll ever make. Don't allow the adversary to hold you back from who you are and who God needs you to be. Satan is a miserable man bound by eternal limitations and he wants us to be miserable with him, don't let him beat you. 

I love you guys and if anyone needs some strength or help email me :) Love you and Ciao :) 
Exchange with Elder Thornock sorry the pic is bad

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