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Monday, November 23, 2015

Week #50 - Attitude of gratitude

Well hello, hello there :)

It's been an amazing week guys!! Elder Pututau and I are still together and really pumped for the work that is happening in our area and the zone. We have two of our five baptismal interviews today and we are working with maybe getting some more people prepared for this month so it's awesome! 

My sis sent me a dope package and it made me so happy and trunky all at the same time haha Elder Pututau was way pumped too! I've been missing home so much lately though because the weather is getting colder and thanksgiving and Christmas with my family is the best time of the year for me and it's gonna be weird!! But we are having dinner with some awesome families.

If I have one challenge to everyone this week it's that as you pray, pick one night this week and focus that prayer on things that you are thankful for, big and small and I promise it will make the difference in your happiness and ease your stress. I know this because I did it last night. I was a little stressed out because the zone was doing as good as they could and I was being ungrateful for the stuff we had going (because I almost want more than we already have, even though we have a ton of things going on!) as I was saying in my prayers I imagined the people we are teaching and I just started crying haha the work we did is something eternal. It is something that can't be measured on a paper, calculated on a graph, or weighed on a scale. It is the work of an almighty God, guiding normal people to achieve miracles through the power of the priesthood. We have been called by the creator of existence and our father to bring people back home and we achieve that by harnessing the power of the sweet gentle voice of the Holy Ghost. Be thankful for what you have until you develop an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE.

With love Elder G :)

Exchanges with Elder Gale
And chilling on the island, what do you expect...we're islanders ;D
My sister's AWESOME care package
Horse tails for my Tongan companion ;)

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