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Monday, November 9, 2015

Week #48 - If you are married send me an email

Wassssuuupp Fam :D

Wow it was such an amazing week. So first off we have 7 people on date for baptism and hopefully a couple more that are solid and we will baptize by the end of the year so pray for them!! :) The thing that's kind of a bummer is that transfers are next Tuesday and Elder Pututau and I both feel like i am leaving. So hopefully not so i can be here for these baptisms and for Christmas here because it would suck to start with new people for that but whatever the Lords will, i will be more than happy with it haha :)

This week should be pretty amazing, we have zone conference and i am giving a training at our zone conference and the other half of the missions zone conference, so i will be giving two training and i am way excited for them! As well we have Marvin Goldstein and Vanessa Joy coming to our mission for a special fireside for us. Marvin Goldstein was called by L. Tom Perry as an ambassador of music to the world!! He plays the piano and is awesome we used to listen to him. As well Vanessa Joy is a great singer, so we have been inviting all of our investigators to that.

Oh also found out this week that i don't like the city near as much as i thought i did. A ton of sin and homeless people, as well as just crazy weird people. i feel like it would be sweet to work in the city in one of the buildings but never ever live there or even close to it haha 

Send me pictures and some stories

love you guys!! :)

PS- everyone is getting married and i just wanted to know who haha so thats what the subject is about.

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