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Monday, May 25, 2015

Week #24 - A lizard pierced my nose?

Hey everybody!

This weeks been really awesome, nothing to exciting but the prayers were answered and we got 6 new investigators!! It's pretty sweet, but this week I've been super trunks missing all of you haha so that means I need more pictures!!!! I'm so pumped for all of you going on missions haha and those who are eagerly waiting and doing the things to prepare I promise you will never regret it. The mission prepares you for life in every way haha 
I wanted to share something really cool I was reading and it's from the book as a man thinketh by James Allen but I actually read it in the miracle of forgiveness by president kimball and wow it was amazing to read. And it has a lot of quotes I liked but I will share this one. "Circumstance does not make the man; it reveals him to himself" it pretty much talks about the effects that thoughts have on who you are. Like specifically in this quote it's talking about how there is nothing you do in life that before didn't have a thought or a seed planted within yourself. And your thoughts truly determine what you become and it depends on if you nourish the bad seeds or the good seeds. It is truly makes you think, you can be and go wherever you want by your thoughts and they will guide you there.

I'll send more stuff later but we are in a hurry haha but I love you guys send me more pictures and whatever :)

Elder Godinet

Ps this is pretty much the same message in alma 32 

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