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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Week #3 - Christmas in Mexico

Hey Guys!

Aw it is so good to talk it it the only way to connect with the outside and it is awesome, whats everyone up to down here has been way chill all of us get along super well now and crazy things go down here haha. We have tie trades every week and like hundreds of elders go to a house and bring all their ties, its like a swap meet. We pulled a bunch of house pranks so far and made our own playing cards its pretty dope not gonna lie ;) I’m gonna send pictures today for sure, but let me know how it is back home :)

La iglesia es verdadero y estoy feliz aqui. Yo se que jesucristo es el salvador y que nosotros puedo recibir revelaccion para el espiritu santo. Les amo!!

[Translation] The church is true & I'm happy here. I know that Jesus Christ is the son of God & that we can get revelation from the Holy Spirit. I love you!

Last night I cut a kids hair and I might become the barber for all the Elders because I did a really good job, like it looks dope and everyone is asking me to do their hair ;P

My First Package!!

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