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Monday, August 1, 2016

Week #86 - Give the church your time!

So I can't believe it's already been a transfer since I've been in Windermere, transfers become so precious when you are getting close to the end of your mission... Well, my companion is getting transferred! We were both pretty bummed but it's gonna be alright haha :) So some awesome things have happened this week, we had to finally transfer Chris to his new area and we were super super sad about that, we taught and helped him move then at the end in his pray he said, "If it wasn't for these guys I wouldn't be coming back to church, please bless them because they are angels" man I almost cried like 3 times in that prayer haha he has changed so much and is way dedicated, he wants to go to institute, get baptized, and get married in the temple, like he is super pumped. As well, Theresa will be baptized soon and we are excited for that haha she is super awesome and ready, we went into her house and took all of her coffee and tea out and threw it away, then there was a half full thing of vodka that was her nephews and we just grabbed it and chucked it bahaha he's gonna hate us but whatever. Now we are waiting on like 4 people to get baptized so while we are waiting for them we need to FIND! :) pray for them though: 
Cecilia Mufalo, Cristian Bernadin, Vicky Victor, Todd Carson. 

Guys I had a member that knows the Fuchs family so he looked them up on Facebook, so while he found Leo's page I browsed and saw myself at prom junior year and man have I gotten pale and chubby or what?!?! Freak! I was pretty shocked haha so I am committed to run everyday and workout with my weights...this is not acceptable! 

Anyways, some food for thought real quick. If you ever catch yourself saying, "I need to read my scriptures or pray or go to church" and then catch yourself saying, "I don't have time" if you do then imagine me wringing your neck and shaking you back and forth because I HATE THAT, and it's a LIE. Here's some examples from each case:

Scriptures study for 1 hour everyday/week and you sleep a good 8 hours plus work an 8-5 job, it would still only take up 14% of your time in a given week, but luckily a lot don't use that much of their time so it would really be under 10% of your time for anyone and that's really for an hour!! Just read for like 15 minutes and that's enough! 

Then church only takes up about 5% or less of your time. So go to church, and here's the real quicker for you who don't pray, if you prayed 5 times a day for 1-2 minutes each prayer it would only take up about 1-2% of your time, so pray. Stop being lazy and do the things you know you're suppose to be doing, he really never asks for more than just our time and attention and at that he only asks for so little, let's be grateful and take advantage of the blessings he has given us. 

Love you guys :) 

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