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Monday, August 8, 2016

Week #87 - Meet Elder Jensen :)

Heyyyy Family :)

Well I got my new comp and he's awesome! His name is Elder Jensen and he actually knew me back home from soccer and he knew Leo. He is a beast at soccer!! Super good ball control and passing. We got to play a little today. Well guys I don't know what to say today, it's gonna be a pretty short email but my pictures will explain a lot. Well also this has been the weirdest transfer haha we've literally passed off 50+ people in the last month and 3 people we've had on solid dates have moved, it's been kinda sucky but I know they will be blessed wherever they are #sameteam. 

Well I love you all and pray for my mom :) 

Tyson Stiggins came for a visit 
Saw my favorite boys from Deltona!!!! 
Initiation for Elder Jensen involved a lizard :) Shout out to my trainer
Funny pictures of Elder Jensen and I 

Teresa just moved but she will be baptized soon
Interview with Jackie for her baptism, so spiritual

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