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Monday, August 15, 2016

Week #88 - Don't Lie :)

So this week has been awesome and just pumpkin miracles out the seems haha

This week we were able to teach a lot of people and find a lot as well, but what was truly awesome is we got two more people on date and they are super solid for their dates. So we have a baptism on the 27th of August and September 10th, as well our Indian friend came to church but I don't know if he will make his date for the 27th of August. Then I don't know if I wrote about this but Theresa had to move on the day of her interview so now we are waiting til she moves back to baptize her bahah

Ttwo more awesome miracles, we are teaching a lady named Cecilia and once she gets her new promotion. Which should be taking place this month she will be baptized in September and then we just got permission to get the baptismal papers signed for a dope kid named Christian who's been waiting to get baptized in forever, so we can baptize him at any time. So pray all of these come to pass and that we can continue to find and bless more people on their journey to happiness :)

We had a super funny experience this week. So we are teaching this young girl named Alex and we went over to teach her cousin who is a recent convert and she was there with her friend Linda. So we told them we would love to teach them after we we finished teaching Trey (her recent convert cousin) and Silvio (His non member friend). So we taught Trey and Silvio and then came back and they were still there waiting for us to teach them. So we started teaching them and Linda is pretty attractive so that was fun and interesting hahah but we went through they listened and Alex kept giggling the whole time. Then asked if Linda wanted to pray and she said yes super quick, so I went over to her and helped her pray and then they left us. We got a return appointment and Linda wasn't there so we were confused and apparently she doesn't believe in God (and she told us she did and was Christian) and we found out that after our lesson she like cried because of how awkward she felt ahaha so I guess that's why you don't lie :)

Elder Acevedo & I splittin' up :'(
Elder Lefholtz & Elder Langston as they depart from the mission

My favorite boys from Deltona 
My companion falls asleep all the time in his prayers

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