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Monday, August 22, 2016

Week #89 - Maybe I'll become a trainer?

Hey everybody!! I love you guys soooooo much!

We had a super fantastic week this week. We were able to teach a ton and got two more people on date for baptism for the 1st/2nd week of October. We were able to meet with Ethan this week and he's set for baptism for this weekend and our investigator Chris came to church this week and announced in priesthood he will be baptized September 10th haha it was pretty awesome. Then, we got another lady on date that we will be visiting with this week, I don't know if I talked about her last week but her names Rosa and she is for September 3rd. It's pretty exciting all the great stuff going on this week. Besides all of those amazing miracles I also learned how to solve a Rubik's cube haha

Guys the closer and closer I get to finishing it gets more real to me how hard it's going to be to leave. I'm really gonna need plans for every day so I can stay productive haha I don't care what they are but it's has to keep me busy. So if anyone wants to shoots me some plans we can slowly start scheduling haha I need to do a lot, just remember the first day I need to sleep a lot hahaha

Oh, super Random but pray for CB, we got his baptismal paper signed after two years of waiting but now we just need to reassure him this is what he wants to do. 

Anyway I be like you guys and we are meeting with a general authority this week and I might become a trainer next transfer but we will see haha that would definitely be the most important position I've had in the mission so it would be cool but we will see. If not I will have been a ZL for like 18 months bahah

Well, love you :)

Temple Tour with an awesome kid named Alejandro
Went to breakfast with practically my family from Deltona this week haha I love them, Alex Reyes & Carla Ortega. The funny thing is the pancake picture, we ordered chocolate chip pancakes & Alex says, "Dang man they're so stingy on the chocolate chips!" haha he didn't realize that was just decoration.

Elder Jensen lost, what are the odds? He had to wear these socks all day today
Exchanges with Elder Toronto 

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