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Monday, May 30, 2016

Week #77 - Memorial Day & other Random things

Well this week has been really awesome! I would say some of the coolest things that happen this week truly was that I was able to see how much we change peoples lives. We talk to Louis active and she said that every time we come over her kid runs to the front of the door and yells, "It's the mishowaries, it's the mishowaries!!" Then another family is getting prepared to get married  and then got to the temple in a year to be sealed together as a family for time and all Eternity (different family than last week). When the bishop came over to their house he said, "Elder there is a really wonderful spirit in our home." I almost cried because I knew that we were able to bring that spirit into their home and allow them to want to bring it into their home as well. The Lord truly trusts us and has given us a sacred responsibility to do this marvelous work.

It's amazing to see the person I become and the future just gets clearer and clearer everyday. I love seeing the fears that I've had in the past completely vanish, I love being able to see the transgressions I've made be washed away, and the wounds to be healed.

We had a wonderful Memorial Day picnic today and played a lot of sports so that was dope. Thank you to all those that serve to protect our country. Oh, it was interesting as well because I said the pledge of allegiance for the first time today in 18 months or longer haha it was so weird, I didn't even remember the words.

Sorry that was all over the place, but I love you guys and I'm on all day if you have any questions or anything, I love you and sorry I'm so bad at emailing haha it's super hard for me on the mission. :) 

Exchanges with Elder Coon
A family we met :)
Exchanges with Elder hale (Hale has glasses) 
Some Japanese treats

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