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Monday, February 2, 2015

Week #8 - Let's write letters

SO, heres the deal I only have an hour to email each week which is kinda booty if you ask me, so i am going to start writing letters and sending them. If you want letters i need your addresses pronto, it will be the best way to here from me and it will be fun :) Ill write back to everyone don't fret. But Just email me your address, also i am so grateful for the pictures all of you have been sending me even if you just send or sent one it makes me feel close to you guys still and helps me like crazy, because i really really miss you all. 

But it is incredible down here literally all the time i feel like we are in Jurassic Park, there is tons of sweet tall palm trees everywhere and a lot of vegetation in every form. The sky goes on forever like its unreal, the clouds are full and rich and you literally almost eel like you're in the clouds because the lands so flat. The sunsets are unreal here too the other day it was purple and we were in a part that is more trees and stuff and the noises you hear here make you feel like you're in jurassic times it is soooooo sick! 

The people here are amazing, they have good hearts and are pretty accepting of the gospel and just more hospitable and loving. There are some people that are flat out rude. We have a baptism this Sunday and several more coming and it is crazy i didn't think people baptized this much but maybe its because my companion is so sick, his name is Elder Sherwin he speaks 4+ languages, plays multiple instruments and is just super good in the gospel plus we nerd out some time and have a lot in common. 

But its hard out here but amazing, i hope to hear from everyone and write letters to all of you. :)

My address is: 
1563 Brendon palm court Apt. 306 Orange city, Florida, 32763

I am so excited to hear from all of you guys you don't even know!!!!! Love you all :)
Also make the info clear when you send it, and if you don't want to write anything just send me your address and i will write you a heartfelt letter and its all good :)
Just send me all your addresses whenever you can this week and i will try to jump on and snag them and send you all letters next week :)


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