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Monday, February 9, 2015

Week #9 - First Baptism

Soooo I've written some letters and I plan on writing you ALL back when I get down time when i'm allowed to write so be prepared for a letter in the mail :) 

But anyway, on to more important news, it's cool down here and all but we've had some amazing miracles! Lets start off by...I had my first baptism this week it was legit and the spirit was so so strong. But then we got dropped by one of our investigators that was super super interested and she said i don't want no more classes with the mormons, so someone was talking negative about us because we didn't even mention we go by the mormons, so we are gonna get to the bottom of it ;) but for real it felt like a breakup, like girl why are you doing this to us we are only offering you eternal salvation and the opportunity to live with your family forever but ok if you wanna do it over text i see how it is haha But on the real we need her back and we want this for her and we know the Lord does also. So i had the high and low of missionary work this week. We have had way more positives than we have negatives, we have several more investigators coming soon, and more baptisms too :D we have 3 with dates and referrals waiting. 

Well i want to know about whats going on with you guys, keep emailing, sending pictures and if you want a letter all i need is an address ;) 
Love you all, 

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