Called To Serve In Orlando, Florida.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Week #10 - I want to send you a letter!

Hey everybody out here in good old Florida just kickin' it and preaching the gospel :) Well first off I am still writing letters and I am so happy so many of you wanted them and I just love you all with my entire heart. I'm actually gonna have you all send my letters to the mission office so if I move from my apartment I will still be able to get your stuff :):) the address is:

Elder Godinet
10502 satellite blvd. Suite E
Orlando, FL 32837-8479

I'm happy to talk to you guys!! :) If you want a letter just send me your home address and you've got one :) Well anyways I love you all and its getting easier to be out here. I don't miss you all as much. I have just realized how much I took everyone for granted, how much I didn't appreciate the good things to the fullest, and how much time I wasted on stupid things instead of learning things that will actually be of benefit to me. But its amazing because being out here I'm noticing how I want to live my life after my mission and what I want to do. Things I want to learn and start doing, and things I really care about and what garbage to get rid of and quit when I come home. Out here you see some CRAZY miracles, miracles that say to you, "There is no way God isn't a part of our daily lives", there's no way there isn't someone bigger in the picture of the scheme of things. The spiritual strength you gain out here is crazy, your mind is so clear and you can just hear it guide you in what to say and do. We have so much fun out here to which is the great thing and even in hard times and times of low, we know that there is someone that God has prepared for us to give this gospel to, that they may be able to receive eternal life and be with their families forever! Spanish is crazy too, i can almost understand everything anyone says and my vocabulary is growing like crazy. I probably learned 500+ words in 7 days and I'm constantly learning everyday. 

Yo se que jose smith es un profeta verdadera. Se que a traves el espiritu santo podemos guiado en nuestros vidas. El senor tiene un plan por nosotros, este puede bendicirnos cuando actuamos. necesitamos oraccion ferviente en nuestros vidas a connectar con dios.

I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet. I know that through the Holy Ghost we can be guided in our lives. The Lord has a plan for us, he can bless us when we act. We need fervent prayer in our lives to connect with God.

Love you all email me or write me any questions or anything you need, I'm always here for you :) P.S. Dad, I need your address and just wanted to say I love you guys so much! I also need Brad's address and Neen's

  The valentines gift from my sister, she's an angel. My mom sent me one too. What can I say I grew up with angels. 
 The view from our apartment. Pictures can't translate it's beauty.
Pictures of the cutest dog I have ever seen. I go crazy over this little guy :)
Hermano Tormes, thee best Ward Missionary ever. We literally love him so much, he is an incredible man & a Vietnam Vet!
 A butterfly that I held
   The way my companion tells me he is ready for bed haha seriously though when we come to the house for any reason we just sit in our underwear haha

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