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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Week #11 - Mail going up...on a Tuesday

Hey everybody...This week has been super super sweet, we had a mission conference yesterday and a seventy came down and talked to us about technology and how porn will destroy your life and it's so true. It was crazy good and he was really really powerful. We got our investigators back!! The ones that left us over text ha we got them back and they are on a baptismal date! Persistence is key. :) 

haha awww I love you guys so much and love seeing your names pull up on my inbox :) I think about you guys daily like it's unreal, it's hard to be out here because you miss everyone SOOO much but you know how important it is that other people can be with their families forever and feel the joy we feel. I've learned a lot out here and am only growing, but I'm still the same person. I honestly haven't changed at all except realizing what I want, the people that truly care about me and who I truly care about, and what I wasted time on. I want to keep hearing about your lives so just write me a funny story from your day or something, it doesn't have to be a lot. 

But i know out here that the church is so true, there's thing that happen that will make you realize there is no way it's not. You have to strive for it though and read and prayer constantly or you can lose it. The best can fall, and the lowest can rise up and change into more than they can even imagine. 

Love you guys and keep it safe. :) 

oh p.s. I met this guy that everyone calls grandpa and he is thee best person ever haha he's super funny, and swears a TON, pretty vulgar dude, but he is the best and always takes the missionaries out and cares for them so much. He's super rich and has a lot of artifacts from 2000-4000 years old.
Elder Godinet

Elder Harman a dope missionary out here. 
 Grandpa is one of the coolest old people and honestly just on thee entire planet!
 My District 
The oh so relaxing ocean :):):):):)
Daytona Lagoon
Some games I thought were cool.
4 player Pac-Man & four player Air Hockey.
We did some fun air hockey!

One of the walls in one of our houses down here. 
 The trees are how all the roads are here, there are trees everywhere.

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