Called To Serve In Orlando, Florida.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Week #12 - Car Wash & A BOM Costume

Hey My Lovelies :)

How is everything back home? Everyone all good? :) because I sure do miss you guys, it's unreal how bad. That's easily the hardest thing about being out here, but hearing from you eases it a little. Down here it is starting to get really warm and humid. I keep getting told that the summers here are brutal, like straight sweating buckets. 

Today was a crazy busy week, we had meetings all week long but I went on exchanges for the first time where I had to lead the area. It was super fun and I had to rely on my Spanish because he's an English elder so I gained a lot of confidence through that. How's that weather down in Utah? Utah is literally so sick, you don't realize that til you're gone, Utah has wayyyyyy more stuff to do than down here.

Well I really don't have much to say this week except for letters are coming and keep reading your scriptures and praying it's extremely important and I'll kinda be on here til almost 4 o clock so email me and I'll reply :)

Oh we had a car wash this week and also we have a giant Book of Mormon costume hahaha

Love you guys,
Elder Godinet

Daytona Beach, Florida on a cloudy day 

Elder Black, I had a companion exchange with him, & he's a peculiar kid & always does the brow raise, so I did it with him ;) Also, they call me Elder Jacob because apparently I look like Jacob from Twilight. Love you guys, enjoy :) Oh & I get teased a lot down here about acting & modeling, it makes me feel like I'm at home :D

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