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Monday, July 6, 2015

Week #30 - Exchanges With Papa S

So I am sending this email a little early but feel free to send me an email throughout the day, before 4 Utah time though and I cant wait to talk with you guys. I haven't been able to email as many people back this transfer because we haven't had wifi in our chapel but now we do so I should be able to respond to everyone! :)

Well I love you guys so much I cant express it enough haha we had 4th of july and it was weird. A VERY crucial thing I realized and I hope everyone else will listen to my advice haha REMEMBER THE IMPORTANCE OF YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS! Its so interesting to see what the world is turning into, and what its turning people into. WE are much much much more powerful and significant than we realize. But the main thing is, we are nothing without our family and friends without people we truly truly love. Being it was a holiday not gonna lie I didn't enjoy it haha It just made me miss everyone back home, even when we literally did nothing arguing about what we were going to do was fantastic haha because I was with the people I truly loved and had growth with. We had an interesting topic in our ZTM and it was about families but one thing we talked about was that, "What is exaltation?" "What makes it different?" And what makes it different is that we have our families and our loved ones and can increase our families. Without our family and friends heaven isn't heaven. So before ignoring your family for social media or some stupid game remember that. Even Jeffrey R Holland said that Heaven would not be Heaven without my wife. I love you guys and miss you, pray we can find a family and prepare them to be sealed together for time and all eternity. And that better be all of your goals.

Love you all :)

Only one picture this week :) 
First & last exchange with Papa S featuring Twistee Treat

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