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Monday, July 13, 2015

Week #31 - Frogs & Things

Well I am staying in Poinciana for at least one more! :) I've heard some crazy stuff the church has been doing, like they bought a bunch of housing in Utah for the homeless and now theres no homeless? And they are making a little Florida in Utah at the ranch? Are these things for sure I need some confirmation, if so that's freaking awesome! We are going to help some homeless people here because apparently they are buying/building apartments out here for those people. DANG that's crazy, our church is loaded haha again can I just say second coming ;)

Oh random thing, me and reeves freestyle all the time in the car and we are getting ight bahah its so fun, and freak my IPAD got reset this week so I lost like a bunch of notes and pictures but its all good I figured out most of them I just don't have the pictures or the notes I had from general conference and stake conference in my first area. Elder Sherwin leaves tomorrow and wow that is weird haha my trainer is out of here and it just seems so fast and now he will just be gone.

Oh most of my friends are past a whole year out in the mish that's awesome!! Keep it up guys!! Umm as well it was reeves birthday and we got stuffed like piñatas and felt soooo sick. As well on old missionary was here and we had a good time with him. I just love you guys, not too much to write just pray for our investigators. 

These are people that should be baptized soon, we have 3 on date and 2 accepting a date and the other ones said they know its true we just need to get them a date so lets bring our faith together for them.

3 Nephi 19: 26 <--- DO IT

Well I love you guys and can't wait to hear from you, email me whenever you can today :)

The going away cupcakes for Peacock, Freeman, and Sherwin

Our little frog buddy, S'CUTE!

Found Scooby doo :D
I ate snail it was DANG good
Reeves falling asleep on the job ;)
The gators are reeeeaaaalllllll :o

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