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Monday, October 5, 2015

Week #43 - General Conference

I know I promised a recording I am so sorry next week for sure with my new companion haha. It's just been soooo hectic with my companion ending his mission and then conference weekend has been crazy busy. But wow what a conference right?! I think the most valuable thing I've learned is that we are literally listening to A PROPHET OF GOD AND APOSTLES! "Whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same" I took conference for granted as a kid, like seriously look at the magnificent opportunity we have to hear from the appointed and ordained servants of the lord!!! I hope everyone learned what they need to do from this wonderful conference because I can guarantee you need to do ALOT, we all do. But our savior loves us and because he loves us we have other people that can help and guide us everyday!!

I love my family so much and want to give a shoutout to my ma, sister and grandma for emailing me constantly and sending the coolest packages. There was so many talks on the importance of women and I can't wait until my wife is amazing like the rest of the women in my life.

I love you guys with all my heart and seeing my companion prepare for home makes me excited to think of the day where I can say I honorably served a mission for the lord Jesus Christ and get to be with my family again. 

Love you all SO MUCH!!!

Exchanges with Elder Ballard (he knows Elder Ballard!)
Elder Radigan lost. What are the odds? So I shaved a strip in his leg

An Elder's reaction after we told him he was staying in his area for another month and a half...after he'd been there for 9 months already haha (It was a joke)
An Elder had to wear jeggings this pday and it was so funny haha
A lady truckin' along on her tiny moped :)

The 9 rings from all the Lantern Corps in DC Comics haha 
It made me so happy if you couldn't tell...

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