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Monday, January 11, 2016

Week #57 - Sleepoverrrr

Hey everybody,

So it's been pretty awesome lately, we helped a guy on exchanges cut down like a 50 foot tree it was huge!! Besides that we have been having our recent converts teach us and they are soooo awesome, they dressed up like missionaries and made power points, even this last time they taught us the plan of salvation and we played jeopardy plan of salvation edition.

Elder Terry loves Taylor swift so I kind of lost respect there but he is on top of it with the work so it's so fun bahah and he just got his iPad and camera stolen so keep him in your prayers! His camera had all two years of his mission photos  and he didn't back them up! Lessons learned here.

I spoke in church this week and it went really wonderful, I choked up pretty bad talking about the fam, my topic was missionary work and I can't wait to baptize some people when I go home and bring others back to know who you are ;) start preparing yourselves for reactivation and baptism :)

Love you guys!!!!

Oh, also I get to do a sleepover with Elder Egan and Elder Pututau tomorrow because their ride home after MLC would be too long haha so I am sooooo pumped you couldn't even imagine.

Elder Black on exchanges
P "Reese" thood bars from our investigators 
Me slamming Elder Terry's face in his birthday cake

Elder Terry on exchanges

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