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Monday, January 18, 2016

Week #58 - Homesick

Hey everybody!!

I hope life is amazing back home, it sure sounds like it with everybody getting married!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO KAITLIN MOWREY ON HER ENGAGEMENT, AND BAILEY HOLMES ON HIS!!!! As well i think there was like 5 these past few weeks. Its crazy to me how fast life is going and the crazy things that are going on, like literally i will be coming home to a brand new world and in all honesty I will have to find a lot of new friends. When people get married you're still like friends but not really, because you cant hang out like you used to and the responsibilities you have is more than people realize. I am not down to come home and hang out with married at all haha it is going to be soooo weird!!! Where my singles friends at, you better hit me up when i get home, just kidding you should get married...that is thee most important thing. I cant wait to be married, but i kind of have 11 months left ;) awhhh this literally is so weird to me, its gonna be a whole new world when i get home (Aladdin Reference) Seriously though, so happy everyone is either deciding a mission or marriage its so amazing and both set your life up to make the best choices. 

I dont know what else to say, we're preparing some people for baptism. hopefully we can have 4 more baptisms before February 9th. Keep me in your prayers, Im struggling a little right now and i could really use them. Missin home, all aspects of it music movies dates chillin haha but it will pass there is so much joy in the missionary work and i dont have much time left in the mission so i need to make it the best! It is going so well to, just in one of those phases, but i love you all! Hopeully some pictures and videos i can see ;) 

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