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Monday, February 1, 2016

Week #60 - There is nothing we can't overcome

This week has been pretty great my companion and I are getting along a lot better which is amazing and we are seeing sooo much success. We have 3 baptisms this week, the Vega family and ye are really really awesome! I've been able to see myself mature a lot and I truly know the power the atonement has. One crucial thing I learned is week is that the devil tries to tell us that the bad qualities we have are just a part of us and will never go away and they will always torment us but that is not true at all. We were created and came to this earth so that we could return to our Heavenly Father. We all have the opportunity to return to him in full glory. I've been able to see bad qualities in myself go away and the struggles of handling them not be near as hard. Everyone can be cleansed from their weaknesses and sins and come to a point of perfection, maybe not in this life but the savior commanded us to be perfect even as him. I know this day will come, but the point of progression starts now and continues into the afterlife. I know EVERY single person reading this email needs to repent of something and improve, whether it's small or big...until we are perfect, we are imperfect. I encourage everyone to please push yourself and improve, it can be extremely hard but I can promise that with the savior it can be made is easier. He loves you and is FIGHTING for you to have all the blessings of heaven, whether you believe that or not, it's undoubtedly true and all those who have been to the earth or are coming will know this truth. 

I love you guys, please make the choices to guide you home. 

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