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Monday, February 22, 2016

Week #63 - He left the 99 for 1

Well hello, hello :)

Well first of i just wanted to start off with a wonderful humbling experience i had this week. We were to go on exchanges with a companionship in Ellsworth, Ellsworth is where the church ranch is our here. So this is a massive area, the only problem is there is more cows out there than there is humans. :) The population of this area I would say doesnt exceed over 10,000 and not only that it is very spread out. So we are driving through what seems to be a desert, absolute no mans land when we get to a little humble town, if you can even call it that. Not only in the town of Holappa is there hardly any people but they are spread out and hidden in some trees. So we start biking around in this little city and through my mind the thoughts going through my head are dang there is literally no one in this area. I wondered in my mind, why is this even an area? There is really nothing here for the missionaries to do, they could be put somewhere more effective. Then as we were going to teach some people we went over to a recent converts home to grab some supplies for some service. His name was Scotty and he was so awesome. As we talked with him i was just like wow this guy is amazing, i could feel the spirit of christ from him and the love heavenly father had for him. As we sat laughing and conversing with him, i just sat there and thought wow this is why. Scotty was just baptized!!! in this tiny tiny town one of heavenly fathers children was brought to the truth and blessings of the gospel. I couldnt help but fill my heart swell with joy and just a have a huge internal grin, i even get so happy thinking of it now :D Heavenly father loves ALL of his children so so so so so so very much, in every single way and even if we dont see the point in things, he does. He sent missionaries to this tiny place with hardly a population to make a school and found his children that were ready. He truly loves and is mindful of all his children, as Jesus Christ left the apostles in in the new testament he proclaimed he had sheep not of that fold and needed him so he left to bless them. Then in the book of mormon it states the same thing. He left the 99 to find the 1 and he definitely knows all things that he does. I have utter faith in my heavenly father and the savior of the world. They truly know us and are mindful, go to them, pour out your soul and I can promise you will receive the comfort and the answers you need. Just be prepared to change. ;) 

I love you all so MUCH!!

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