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Monday, February 29, 2016

Week #64 - Amazing Investigators

So this week has been pretty freaking sweeeeetttt! We got a ton of people at church this week and they all absolutely loved it. They all told us how amazing it was and that they were coming back again and it was just so awesome, we filled up two full pews in the chapel haha :) I am just so happy for the gospel. T

This week has been so great like we had an amazing time with the work and I received some personal revelations for my own life and the people we are teaching are professing so well, I mean what can I say...the Lord has blessed us bountifully haha :)

Well anyways I just wanted to tell you guys I love you so freaking much and I wanted to share a siiiiccckkkk experience form last week. Before that though, at church we had a family of six come and they are Catholic but just moved over from Bolivia and they want to learn about our church and they love it. So they came to church and in second hour I had to go to the Spanish class with another family so this father and his family were with Peay in the English class and I come in at the end of the English class, hear the final testimony close with a prayer and then walk to this family. The father stands up and turns around at me and says "WOW THAT WAS AMAZING!" He had just a look in his eyes like whoa it was so funny/awesome. Haha 😂  

Well onto the next experience, we had an investigator that wanted to come to church and so she leavers her home at 8:10, why she wanted to leave that early, I have no clue. (Church starts at 930) Anyways she gets lost and this lady is a faith powerhouse! She stops into the parking lot of another church (Calgary chapel, mad apostate) and prays, "Heavenly father if you want me to be at this church please give me someone I can follow." She looks up and sees two women driving down the road and decides to follow these random ladies. Guess what? Yep, she followed them all the way to church bahah it was like dang the lord is truly there, no doubt! Even to add onto that, she knew this lady she followed, they are friends from work. :) she is doing so amazing haha hallelujah praise the lord 🙏🏽 😇 

Exchanges with Elder Leishman
Baptism with my comp Elder Peay

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