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Monday, March 7, 2016

Week #65 - Diaz/Oakley get baptized!!!

Wow, well an experience i want to share this week is about one of my favorite families!! The Diaz/Oakley family. I taught them in Poinciana and was preparing them for baptism, they had to wait on some stuff but now it is good to go and they are getting baptized this Saturday!! The awesome thing too is that i get to skype in on them for there baptism and i am just so excited. This family is awesome, they have gone through a lot of trials but they pushed through them and Brian (the husband) even quit smoking in a day! I learned that when you truly desire something and put your mind to it that anything is possible. You can quit addictions, bad habits, and even leave people that aren't healthy for you, if you truly desire you can stop cold turkey, Its easier said than done but thats where the true desire and hard work come in. Im extremely happy for how the mission and the gospel blesses families, best decision i have ever made. 

Just a heads up, I might start sending a 3 layered email :)
1.Some type of voice recording
2.A written experience
3. some pics :)

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