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Monday, March 21, 2016

Week #67 - Elder Peay is going home

Wow what a week!!!

This week we had a lot of success and fun. We were able to go to the temple this week and it was weird because it was Elder Peays departing temple trip and interview. So not only was it great but it also trunked me out a bit, like seriously its been a weird couple weeks. We don't even talk about home life that much or him leaving but just the fact that he is going home always brings it back into my mind and dang it is sooooo weird, Anyways because of this I learned some valuable valuable lessons. The most important being that you cannot do this work effectively and the way the Lord needs if you aren't 100% focused on why you are in the field. Mainly, because its all about service and giving to others and doing as the Lord would do. Once you start thinking about yourself and the things you want, that is when the desire to love others and to serve dies. If we truly want to be like the savior and follow him like we know he taught, we can never become inward thinkers but be outward in all of our deeds. That is why soooooooo many missionaries and members alike go less active because they get "tired" of helping others and of doing a routine of service and diligent study for two years. They either think they are above that, or they start to think of themsleves. It is so crucial to think about ourselves, but one of my favorite quotes from the living prophet of God, Thomas S. Monson, said, "...unless we lose ourselves in service to others, there is little purpose to our own lives."  It is so very true, please take a moment to think of the saviors life and how he was, he served constantly. Not only did he serve, but he truly GAVE himself for us, his entire being. There was no greater sacrifice than his, and he did this so that WE cold return and HELP others do the same. In this wonderful easter season think of what you can do to follow the savior and serve those around you. Its nice to have fun and play games, watch movies, indulge in the things of the world, but NOTHING leaves this world with us besides the actions we make, the things we speak, the thoughts we think, and the desires of our hearts. In which determine the relationships we take with us, REMEMBER THE IMPORTANT THINGS, everything else just isn't worth wasting ourselves over and squandering the opportunities and blessings of eternity. 

Temple with Pututau, Armijo, Hansen & Peay (not in pic)

Nerd Star Wars pics
A kid made the bounty hunter helmet in our ward 

 Rodeo Picsssssss

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