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Monday, April 4, 2016

Week #69 - Conference Weekend/Meet Elder Bigler :)

So this week is been really awesome, I love General conference! It Gives such a great spiritual vibe and it made me truly remember the importance of having a living prophet and apostles and leaders that can guide us in a world of commotion.

I got my new companion his name is Elder Bigler, he has been out for 7 1/2 months and he's really awesome I've been able to have a lot of good laughs and down-to-earth and chill. I love being able to learn from all my new companions and shout out to Elder Peay or Austin Peay as he is home now and just having a good ole time.

One thing really wonderful miracle about General conference is that one of our investigators watched it and just received so much personal revelation, I think it was something so essential for her to realize that this is truly the church for her and Christ's church on earth. She is amazing and I've learned so much Charity while teaching her, she knows it is true but she's waiting on an answer from the Lord. We've talked to her and she's already received answers. Whether she knows it or not but we are just doing all we can to encourage her she is amazing. 

It's been weird to think about, after this transfer I only have a half a year left. This general conference was my second to last one in the mission and I only have one call left before I'm home. I've been so grateful to hear from you guys and be blessed by your emails and your love and support. I am keeping this email short because today I'm going to try to send off some personal emails to some people so I hope to hear back from you I love you and let me try to get some pictures for you!

Jeeping pic... Wow, so beautiful & I LOVE Jeeps
Elder Peay & the Vickery Family 
Final goodbye with Peay & Ammon Delap
 Elder Bigler & I, excuse the sweat! #gohard

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