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Monday, April 25, 2016

Week #72 - AWESOME

So this week was such an awesome week but at the same time a little bit difficult :) We had the baptism of the Byrd family #Byrdbath and man that was so awesome i just had a grin from cheek to cheek it was so so so good. :) Practically the whole ward was there and it just went so smoothly and the spirit was very strong. Then after the baptism we went out to teach and our day fell through and it was just rough but keeping them in my mind made it so much more sweet.

Guys I just love the gospel so dang much and everything it offers! I dont even know what to write at this moment but I do know that the time is winding down oh so fast and it kills me haha so many changes in our mission right now and my companion wont stop talking about home and singing music from home so I'm pretty trunky but still working hard :) We have been playing this card game every so often at night called superfight and it is the best, we just yell and argue about who would win and its hilarious, I'm sure our neighbors are like what is going on over there. The game lets you randomly pick a character card and two attributes and you argue why you would beat the other opponent and it is so fun haha I will send you pictures later for the baptism and you can check my blog for more stuff! :) Guys, I will make next weeks email much better I just don't even know this week bahaha

Ask me questions and I will answer, I LOVE YOU 


Sorry the pictures are bad I will send better ones next week from my camera

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