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Monday, May 2, 2016

Week #73 - Arnold Schwarzenegger?

So what up, what up, what up!!!! :)

This has been an awesome week!! we were able to do a lot of finding and meeting people as well we got two more people on date for baptism so we are pretty pumped about that. Devonte and Davineir, Devonte is a guy here that has lived a pretty rough life and really wants to get his life on track, and Davineir is a super awesome guy from the Bahamas. When we set Devontes date it was extremely easy he just wants it but we need to make sure he stays committed. Now, Davineir doesn't break commitments but when we invited him to be baptized he was very hesitant but we were able to ask some really great inspired questions. We asked him if he felt like God would ever lead him down the wrong path and he said no, then we asked if he felt like we were called by God, he said 50% haha so i mean it was alright ;) Then, we promised him we are called of God and that God would never lead him down a wrong path so if he truly trusts God he could make the decision to prepare to be baptized then he accepted the date it was awesome! :)

Oh, sacrament meeting was super awesome yesterday too and I was able to witness the best testimony ever from our ward missionary haha he was talking about the holy ghost and how it talks differently to each of us. He said i don't know about you guys but to me the voice of the spirit to me is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He said "I'll be sitting and listening to others bear their testimony and then I'll hear..." *in voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger. "Do it, C'mon do it, get up there and bear it, bear it all!" Then he says if he doesnt get up and bear his testimony then that is when the catch phrase comes in. "Do it....or I'll be back" bahaha i was laughing so hard in sacrament it was so hard to contain myself i just thought it was so classic haha and he didnt so calm and collected especially with the Arnold voice. In all seriousness though, follow the spirit which leadeth to do good and i can promise you will never be led astray, God does not work like that. Read Preach my Gospel chapter 4 to see how the spirit talks to you :) 

Love you all & I have a lot of pictures today!

Better pictures of the baptism (I do not have a muffin top, just the picture)
Exchanges with Elder Camp (blonde)

 Land Rover Defender, so sick! Right side steering wheel.

Exchanges with Elder Mandin
Beach P-day with cheesy tag picture ;) 

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