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Monday, May 9, 2016

Week #74 - Mother's Day & A Food Challenge!!!

Heyyy everyone :)

Its been a really weird week haha but my companion and i are both staying so it should be a really awesome transfer!! This is going to be a mothers day email because i love my mom so much and every other woman that is devoting themselves to help others!! I Its amazing to be able to have a day wholly sanctified to mothers now, or future mothers where we can stop and think about how much they do for us. The more we think of the roles of women i always think about the priesthood that us males hold and how worthless it would be without the women in our lives. Mainly because the very existence of us as human beings would cease to be without the mothers in our lives starting on earth with Eve and every mother afterwards. Then with our heavenly mother from which we know all of us come. Its amazing to see even the importance of the mother when in John 19. while nailed to the cross in pure agony and pain, after suffering so much pain we wouldnt even be able to keep our consciousness our brother and the savior of the world proclaimed with thee most solemn respect to his beloved apostle john... "Behold they Mother!" With John taking care of her from then on. DO SOMETHING GREAT FOR YOUR MOTHERS, THEY ARE EVERYTHING! 

Well side topic from that I did a challenge last week where I did a food challenge, where i had to eat about 3-4 pounds of food. The meal comprised of one burger with: (from bottom to top) bun, 10 ounce patty w/cheese, 2 pieces of bacon, lettuce and 2 tomatoe slices, grilled ham (like seriously a pack of lunch meat) and cheese, another 10 ounce patty w/cheese, 2 pieces of bacon, lettuce and 2 tomatoe slices, 2 onion rings,  and the bun to top it off just kidding there was still a pound and a half of fries on the side. So we had to finish it in thirty minutes and i got through all the burger but 5 ounces of meat with 18 minutes left but because i was shoving it down so fast I threw up.....and to top it was on the plate so I couldn't try to finish. It was worth the memories that's for sure haha the waitress said "you are so nasty!"

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