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Monday, May 16, 2016

Week #75 - This week is a pretty great email

Well this week was pretty sweet! we were able to see a lot of really really great miracles in our area. we were able to start working with some really awesome people and aas of now have 5 people on date to be baptized. :) Its been pretty awesome seeing how much its changed peoples lives and i specifically want to talk about one instance. So my companion and I were talking about how its really hard to make a super huge and lasting difference in an area on exchanges when we only go for a day. Trust me, i was reminded very much so that, that is false doctrine haha So, a couple weeks ago i went on exchanges with a companionship and went to their area with a new missionary. He is a very timid and shy missionary so i led out pretty much everything. What was cool is we were able to meet with a member and as we went over we saw her son sitting out side and started talking to him and he invited us in. He offered us water and was just super awesome to us in all ways. Then he continues to tell us that he used to be a member but got his record removed and now was no longer a member but then he said he had intentions on coming that was confusing and it could have just been a slip up on his part. Then, we started the lesson and the missionary i was with was sharing a simple scripture and was struggling so i pulled an ensign off of their table and started reading something from it about building our temples. Then as we were talking i felt like i needed to invite him to church. So, i started by talking about how much God loves us and that he is always waiting for us to come back to him. I said, "You know Gary (Gary Mclendon is his name) you said you wanted to come back to church and..." he laughs and acts like *what are you talking about i never said that* and i just stopped him and said "The lord will always take you back with open arms, there is nothing we cant come back from and thats what the atonement is for and he loves us!" we finished our lesson and i invited him to church and he said, "we will see" and then i said we will see you in church ;) then we left and I told his sister that is in our ward that i invited him to church and she just was like ya whatever, if he is that would be aweomse or a miracle one or the other i dont remember but in short he came to church and i said hi and we laughed and it was awesome and then this last week he was at church again and i was super stoked and said hi and stuff and then he said i wanted to tell you that im being baptized again on june 25th I was so pumped and screamed and gave him a hug and he said, "its all your fault" :) i was incredibly happy and almost cried. All it took was once little invited to spark this mans fire once more, and now he is preparing again for the celestial kingdom. Please open you mouths and help those around you.

Love you all so much :D 

Ghetto Missionary Bench
I think I'm turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so ;) 
Hardcore Infinity Gauntlet pic haha
 Mothers day call :)
The post man hates us because we don't have trashcans by our mail so I've been shoving junk mail into the outgoing mail slot bahaha & unfortunately one of them had our address haha #imlazy

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